Istation offers research-based reading instruction to complement any core reading program. Our State Standard Correlations provide specific details by state.


  • Approved as a supplemental program for school improvement by the Alabama Department of Education
  • State-approved vendor


  • Approved external provider for school improvement by the Arkansas Department of Education
  • State-approved vendor


  • Approved vendor for Turnaround Schools
  • Approved interim assessment provider for English and Spanish
  • State-approved vendor


  • Morgridge International Reading Center at the University of Central Florida was selected as the state of Florida's research center to examine the effects of the Istation Reading program on the reading performance of elementary-school students.
  • Approved intervention for state instructional materials adoption
  • State-approved vendor


  • Learning Resource List for K-12 ELA, Reading, and Literacy
  • State-approved vendor


  • Listed in Chicago Public Schools' education technology catalog


  • Awarded state-funded contract through Statewide Kansas Reading Success Program for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years, offering free and unlimited access to Istation Reading for all public-school and open-enrollment charter-school students in grades pre-K through 8


  • Listed in the Clearinghouse of Supplemental and Intervention Products by the Louisiana Board of Education
  • State-approved vendor


  • State-approved vendor

New Mexico

New York

  • Approved by the New York State Instructional Technology Contract Consortium (NYSITCC) as Supplemental Support for Reading Instruction
  • State approved vendor


South Carolina

  • Awarded state-funding contract (2014-2015) for South Carolina Success Program for unlimited access for students in grades pre-K through 8 in school and at home at no cost to districts
  • State-approved vendor


  • Approved vendor for Race to the Top
  • State-approved vendor


  • Istation has executed a contract through August 31, 2017, with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as part of the Texas SUCCESS program, a program of the Student Success Initiative. Texas SUCCESS will provide free and unlimited access, both at school and at home, to Istation Reading (grades 3 – 5) and Istation Español (grade 3) for all students in public schools and open-enrollment charter schools in Texas.
  • Commissioner’s List Approved for K-8 English and K-3 Spanish assessments
  • Approved online state-adopted textbook
  • Certification for kindergarten
  • State-approved vendor


  • Approved for K-3 Early Literacy under House Bill 513


  • Mandated to be used for Turnaround Schools
  • State-approved vendor

Washington, D.C.

  • Approved as interim assessment provider for Race to the Top by the Office of the State Superintendent
  • Approved vendor