Immediate, Reliable, Computer-Adaptive Assessments

ISIP™ Advanced Reading Assessment

Used by 4th – 12th grade students, the Istation Advanced Reading assessment evaluates established readers in four critical domains of reading development: Word Analysis, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.

Domain Subtests
Word Analysis Spelling
Fluency Connected Text (Maze)
Silent Fluency
Vocabulary Vocabulary, including
General and Content
Comprehension Comprehension, including
Main Idea, Inference,
Critical Judgment,
Cause and Effect

ISIP™, Istation's Indicators of Progress, makes it possible. Based on each successive response, this computer-adaptive test dynamically adjusts to every student's individual ability — from struggling to advanced — in all of the four reading domains.

The content and interactions are age appropriate for each grade level, and with its engaging space-exploration theme and interactive, game-like format, ISIP Advanced Reading engages students so effectively, they don't even realize they're being evaluated on their high-level critical thinking, general and content-area vocabulary, complex word analysis, fluency, and comprehension!

It's Comprehensive

Like all Istation assessments, the ISIP Advanced Reading assessment* (and Istation's three tiers of instruction) aligns with RTI risk level categories.

With Istation, teachers also have access to hundreds of resources, including directed lessons, complete bibliographies for each lesson, online interactive books, a teacher's manual, a user's guide, and technical support.

It's Accurate

ISIP automatic scoring takes the risk of human error out of the assessment equation. Plus, it goes on to immediately identify the individual learning needs for each student in each critical reading area and places students in their appropriate instruction tier, with customized content for each domain. This not only enhances individual student learning but also streamlines the grouping of students in need of additional small-group or one-on-one instruction.

No other system provides all this!

It's Fast

Student scores are generated instantly. Comprehensive, customizable reports are immediately available. (And time not spent on manual grading, score analysis, instruction differentiation, and multiple testing leaves teachers with more time to focus on what's really important: teaching!) Plus, unlike other systems that assess only twice per year, the ISIP Advanced Reading assessment is conducted automatically each month (or on demand, as desired) to measure students' progress over time.

* Istation's ISIP Early Reading and ISIP Advanced Reading assessments are separate products from the Istation Reading curriculum product. The authors of the ISIP assessments are not the authors of the Istation Reading curriculum product.