Unrivaled Curriculum That Fuels Student Learning


Through the use of animation and game-like interactions, Istation blends explicit, direct, and systematic instruction with pure, unintimidating fun. The quizzes maintain the engaging format, taking the terror out of testing.

The Result?

Kids get immersed in cleverly disguised lessons. They stick with them. They grasp the concepts. And they retain the knowledge. Independent Research proves it!

Plus, only Istation provides a wealth of Teacher Tools, including a complete bibliography and interactive online books for each lesson, and supplemental teaching materials to help extend the on-screen learning into large-group, small-group, or one-on-one instruction.

In addition to English-language reading lessons, the Istation curriculum includes Spanish-language reading lessons for pre-K through 5th grade, as well as extensive interdisciplinary instruction in science, social studies, and writing for all grades.