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Technical Information

Listed below are Istation's technical requirements.

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Network Administrators

Istation employs a proprietary communication protocol designed to minimize Internet bandwidth usage when run by multiple students simultaneously in a school. Internal firewalls and/or content filters must be configured to allow outbound access to our servers:

  • IP address range: – (
  • TCP ports 12500 through 12509
System Requirements
Specification Windows Mac
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 OS X 10.4 – 10.9
Processor 500 MHz Pentium III 500 MHz G4
Memory 256 MB RAM 256 MB RAM
Hard Disk 2 GB free space 2 GB free space
Graphic Display 800x600 800x600
Sound Card with headphones with headphones
Internet Connection 768 kbps or greater 768 kbps or greater

Istation is a fully animated, multimedia application and, as such, is not generally supported in a thin-client environment. Ncomputing supports Istation using specialized installation instructions. Please contact Istation Support if you have questions about compatibility.

Installation Information

To install Istation, you must be logged in with administrator rights. A simple installation is performed from our Download Istation Web page. There are no CD-ROMs to install or school-based servers to maintain. Administration for schools is virtually nonexistent. After installation, we can support any number of students simultaneously in Istation generally using the bandwidth of a single Web surfer. In the event that the school's Internet connection is lost, Istation will continue to function normally and will synchronize with our servers when the Internet connection is restored. Since Istation is delivered through the Internet, we transparently provide enhancements without a service call, at no additional cost.

E-mail Access

If your district uses an e-mail filtering software or program, please white list the domain to allow inbound access via e-mail. This is our main method of communication with campus teachers and administrators.

Local Firewall Information

When a software firewall is active on a computer, the firewall must be configured to allow Istation to accept connections from the local network. On Windows, this configuration occurs automatically during installation. For information specific to your OS, please review the detailed installation instructions for Windows or for Mac. Additional information may also be obtained by calling Support Services at 1-866-883-7323 or 972-643-3440 (and pressing 2).

Firewall Configuration Test

Test your firewall configuration now using the Firewall Configuration Test utility.

Web-Based ISIP™

ISIP Web for the desktop requires a browser that supports Flash 9 Update 3 ( These browsers include IE7+ (IE9+ preferred), Firefox 4+ (most recent preferred), Chrome 10+ (most recent preferred), and Safari 4+ for Mac (Safari on Windows is not supported).

ISIP Web for the iPad requires an iPad 2 or later running iOS 5.x or later.


Contact to request Istation support by e-mail or call 1-866-883-READ toll-free.