Visual representation of Istation Math in the classroom.

Istation’s Super 7 Essentials provide the educational technology and tools schools need for powerful blended learning for pre-K – 8 and algebra readiness.

Image of Math Assessment
Image of Math Assessment
Image of Math Assessment
Image of Math Assessment
Image of Math Assessment
Image of Math Assessment
Image of Math Assessment
Image of Math Assessment

Istation’s purposeful math assessments and instruction

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Formative Assessments

Computer-adaptive assessments measure overall proficiency and mathematical ability presented in fun, game-like experiences.

Adaptive Curriculum

Explicit and direct lessons in foundational number skills and concepts give students the instruction they need when they need it. For pre-K – 1, students join rock stars Donnie and the Decimals as Math Superstars on a US concert tour, singing along as they learn. Students in grades 2–5 partner with Donnie and the Decimals when they take on hidden identities as Secret Equation Man and his undercover friends.

Personalized Data Profiles

Web-based reporting provides formative insight to guide instructional decision-making and intervention strategies.

Teacher Resources

Hundreds of lesson plans, automated tools, and flexible resources help educators customize instruction and help support diverse teaching approaches, including small- and whole-group learning.

School-to-Home Connection

Families and guardians have 24-7 access to easy-to-use supplemental home instruction outside traditional school settings.

Professional Development

Offering customized guidance and insight into proven educational approaches, best practices, and more, specialists with real-world instructional experience and technical support help schools drive adoption, boost implementation, and optimize usage.

Proven Results

Guided by research that focuses on the development and validation of formative assessment systems in mathematics, Istation Math is built on the idea that students need immediate, specific feedback to continue to learn and grow. Visit our Studies page for more information.

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