Istation brings you math instruction you can count on!

Rock stars turned undercover agents Donnie and the Decimals engage students and guide them through math missions in grades 2-5. These interactive missions encourage students to apply mathematical skills and concepts in ways that make learning fun. As a Response to Intervention (RTI) support resource, Istation Math offers focused, supplemental math instruction through game-based independent practice.

Istation Math curriculum focuses on number sense topics, including:

  • Place value
  • Rounding
  • Comparison
  • Fractions

Watch Secret Equation Man save the world one math mission at a time!

From Pre-k through 1st grade, Donnie and the Decimals are “The Math Superstars” -- a rock band traveling the United States on a concert tour. During stops in various cities, students will learn key math concepts like rote counting, cardinality, and addition, while the band sings catchy tunes. As students progress into second grade and beyond, Donnie and the Decimals become secret agents who must use math skills to save the world. Students will learn valuable number sense skills such as place value, rounding, comparison, and fractions to help solve problems created by villains like Miss Match and Pie Face.

Place Value - Standard Form

Place Value - Multiplying Decimals

Rounding - Nearest Ten

Rounding - Within Whole Numbers

Comparison - Two Digits

Comparison - Door Game

Fractions - Adding Denominators 10 and 100

Fractions - Whole Numbers Review

Istation Math provides teachers with personalized insights through an overall math proficiency score for each student. Real-time data and reports reveal a child’s breadth of understanding across content and depth of thinking, while pinpointing specific areas where there is room to grow.

On-demand teaching resources and digital tools are also available with a subscription to Istation Math. Downloadable animated lessons can be used with interactive whiteboards to support flexible teaching approaches including small group, whole group, or one-on-one instruction. Istation Math offers more than 250 teacher-directed lessons, plus easy-to-use guides, and digital number lines, place value mats, and fraction bars.