Science comes to life with Istation Reading! Istation’s Book Worms, Amelia Chameleon, and Justin Time immerse students in interdisciplinary science topics through engaging reading adventures.

Physical Science

Justin Time, along with his assistant W.A.D.E., travels through time with students to explore the fascinating world of physical science. As students delve into geography and history, they strengthen their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Exciting interactive science experiments help students have fun while learning science concepts. But it doesn’t end there! Justin’s Exploration Station provides students with the option to self-select physical science reading passages and complete associated writing assignments.

Life Sciences

Amelia Chameleon and her sidekick, Leon the Chameleon, take students on reading journeys that explore the life sciences. While students learn about plants, animals, and ecosystems, they broaden their reading and comprehension skills with fictional and expository texts. Wordplay laced throughout the section strengthens overall knowledge in geography and history, and experiments follow the scientific method to help students improve their deductive reasoning and data-analysis skills. Plus, Amelia’s Discovery Island gives students access to a self-selected reading area with related writing assignments.

Earth Science

The Book Worms, led by mentor Mr. C (named for Samuel Clemens), expose the earliest of readers to expository texts about earth and space science topics. As comprehension and fluency grows, Istation Reading lessons and books continue to open students’ minds to more abstract science concepts such as the solar system, seasons, day and night, phases of the moon, weather patterns, rocks, soil, and even land features.