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Istation saves teachers time!

Istation provides teachers with lesson plan ideas, printable materials, and detailed reports. Watch this teacher imagine her classroom without Istation's support.
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Danelle H.
Fourth Grade Teacher

Teacher and student celebrate gains together

When asked how Istation has helped students on her campus grow, an elementary school reading specialist smiled. Watch her excited response.
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Michelle B.
Reading Specialist

Istation's easy-to-read reports keep students motivated

A 2nd grade teacher regularly shares her students’ Istation scores with them. Watch as she describes how this helps them stay engaged and excited.
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Amy S.
2nd Grade Teacher

Istation’s reliable data drives teacher’s instruction

Watch a 4th grade English, language arts, and reading teacher describe how Istation’s formative assessments help her give her students the kind of instruction they need.
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Mandy H.
4th Grade English Teacher

Principal trusts Istation’s progress monitoring and sees great gains!

Watch an elementary school principal talk about how Istation provides her teachers with reliable data that helps them focus on specific skills.
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Debra S.
Charter School Principal

Istation helps struggling 3rd grader read at grade level!

A shy, struggling 3rd grader lacked basic reading skills, and his grades suffered. Watch his teacher describe how his reading ability and confidence level soared with Istation.
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Monica T.
3rd Grade Teacher

Student says Istation taught her cause and effect

Watch as a 3rd grader describes how she uses Istation, why she likes it, and what she’s learned because of it.
Madelynn B.
3rd Grade Student

Istation inspires a struggling 3rd grader’s love of reading

Watch as a principal describes how a teacher used Istation to help transform a struggling reader into a prolific reader!
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Pamela B.

Istation transforms ELA teacher’s classroom

Watch an English/language arts teacher describe how Istation helped her reinvent an age-old classroom tradition and reinvigorate her students.
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Leticia I.
Elementary School ELA teacher

Istation helps dyslexic student’s vocabulary soar!

Such a win for us!
A Texas teacher rewarded students who used Istation at home with lunch outside the lunchroom. Listen to Mindi describe the growth a child with dyslexia experienced!
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Mindi V.
Fourth Grade Teacher

Pre-K student’s English transformed by Istation!

Her language exploded!
A pre-K ESL student experienced a communication transformation thanks to Istation. Listen to her teacher describe the impact Istation made.
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Dennishia H.
Pre-K Teacher

Istation helps ELL student with English!

He became more confident in himself!
A student in Dallas, Texas, spoke no English when he entered a new 1st grade class. Listen to his campus technology coordinator describe how Istation turned an English Language Learner into a fluent English speaker.
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Heather J.
Tech Coordinator

Principal credits Istation for campus-wide success

We have seen tremendous growth.
Dana S. is a principal at a 4th and 5th grade campus where students use Istation during RTI. Listen as she describes why she’s convinced that Istation works.
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Dana S.

Students love Istation; teacher loves results!

They don't want to miss a minute!
Science teacher Tonja K. says Istation Reading gives her students both knowledge and confidence. Listen as she describes the impact she has seen campus-wide.
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Tonja K.
Science Teacher

Special Ed Student learns to read with Istation!

It's giving her the basic be able to read!
A tech coordinator sees Istation's impact on campus, but she is especially impressed with the growth she sees at home. Listen to how Istation is helping her own daughter, who has a severe disability.
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Cherie S.
Tech Coordinator

Istation moves the needle on RTI students

The data does not lie.
This RTI teacher says almost every student in her class experienced literacy gains thanks to Istation Reading. Listen as she describes the big impact Istation has made on her campus.
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Connie S.
RTI Teacher

Cross-curricular lessons wow science teacher!

I'm excited about it!
This science teacher’s 5th graders impressed her with what they learned from Istation. Listen as she describes how Istation is helping her teach!
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Buffy V.
Fifth Grade Science Teacher

First graders make big, fast gains on Istation!

A lot faster than usually happens for me!
An experienced 1st grade teacher said Istation made an instant impact for her students. Listen as she describes growth like she's never seen before.
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Tamara A.
First Grade Teacher

Istation helps gifted middle school student grow

Istation helped me on the SAT!
A gifted middle school student credits Istation with helping him on the vocabulary section of the SAT. Click to read more.
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Julia B.
Middle School Teacher