Istation being used in the classroom.

Istation in the Browser

Web-based version of the student application including assessments, instruction, Ipractice, and more

Istation is excited to announce the release of Istation in the browser. Providing a simpler and more reliable experience for students and a more streamlined onboarding process for educators, Istation in the browser will transform and significantly expand Istation’s capabilities.

We will continue to support the current Chrome app for the 2021-2022 school year. After that, all Chromebook users will transition to the browser version.


  • You’ll no longer need to download the app or download the latest update from the app store!
  • We’ll push updates out for you and do so more frequently to ensure a more consistent and exceptional Istation experience.


The URL for Istation in the browser will be published on July 19, 2021. Single sign-on activation will take place the following week for those who have opted in.

Please note that the initial release is only available in the Chrome browser on Chromebooks. Additional browser/OS combinations will be added in the coming school year.

Minimum Technical Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Chrome OS
Chrome Browser: version 88+
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Memory: 4GB RAM
Storage: 3+ GB free space
Internet Connection: 1.5+ Mbps

Release Notes

Touchscreen Chromebooks: The initial release of Istation in the browser will not include touchscreen support. If you use Chrome tablets or rely on touchscreen functionality, we recommend waiting for a future release.

Uninstall Chromebook app: We recommend uninstalling the Chromebook app when you switch over to Istation in the browser.

For questions regarding Istation in the browser, please contact us at


Web-based Istation assessments only

ISIP Web for desktops is supported on most modern web browsers, specifically Microsoft Edge, Firefox 54+ (most recent version preferred), Chrome 51+ (most recent version preferred), and Safari 10+ for Mac (Safari on Windows not supported). Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

ISIP Web for the iPad requires a 4th generation or later iPad running iOS 10+ with Safari mobile. Other mobile browsers for iPad are not supported at this time.

ISIP Web for Android devices requires Android version 6+ with the Chrome browser. Other mobile browsers for Android are not supported at this time. The minimum supported screen size for Android devices is 8 inches, and landscape orientation is strongly preferred.

ISIP Web for Chromebook requires Chrome 51+ (most recent version preferred).

ISIP Oral Reading Fluency Technical Needs

Supported Platforms - ISIP Oral Reading Fluency is supported on the following operating system and browser combinations.

Operating SystemBrowser
Windows 7+Chrome 67+, Microsoft Edge 41+, Firefox 88+
Chrome OS 69.0.3497.95+Chrome
macOS 10.11.6+Chrome 67+, Safari 11.1.2+, Firefox 88+
iOS 11.4.1+Safari