What is BETA WIN?

BETA WIN stands for "Basic Evaluation, Think About What Is Next!". It is a group of thought leaders. Engaged Istation users who want to be actively involved with Istation Website updates and contribute feedback to the evolution of the Report and Management Portal.

What makes a great BETA WINner?

We are looking for Istation users who are cutting edge educators. Customers who are excited about exposure to features still in development, articulate constructive feedback, and visit the Portal on a regular basis. Do you use Istation regularly and want to be a part of shaping future features?

There is a time commitment. Along with expectation of contribution and engagement, we also have a one hour monthly meeting via GoToWebinar.

What kind of feedback do we want?

BETA WINners represent the opinions and needs of educators related to the Istation Report and Management Portal. BETA WINners have exposure to pre-release features. Our research includes everything from surveys to phone interviews. We want to hear what you think!

Are you still interested in being a BETA WINner?

Just fill out a quick questionnaire and we be in contact with you!

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