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    Upcoming Webinars

    Practical Strategies to Support Newcomer Students

    Join this 20-minute District Administration Ed Talk to learn practical, evidence-based strategies for building inclusive, supportive learning environments where students will succeed academically and socially in schools.

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    Unlock the Power of Intervention with Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring

    Tuesday, April 25, 2023 - 4 p.m. CST - Educators need the right tools to develop an effective intervention strategy. Register for this webinar to explore if your current tools provide ways to, determine how students are performing, identify students at risk of reading difficulties, and close achievement gaps.  



    Explore On-Demand Webinars

    Developing a Bilingual Program: Evidence-Based Strategies for Success

    Watch this 20-minute District Administration Ed Talk to discover evidence-based strategies for developing a successful biliteracy program in any district, and how to evaluate tools and instructional approaches for effectiveness.

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    Leadership Solutions to Close Math Gaps

    Watch this 20-minute Ed Talk to explore research-tested strategies that empower teachers to address diverse math learning needs. Learn the latest evidence-based approaches for accelerating student growth and achievement in math. 

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    Cultivate a Framework for District-Wide Intervention Success

    Watch this 30-minute Ed Talk to discover how to cultivate a framework for intervention success that positively impacts student growth in your schools.


    A District Leader's Guide to Structured Literacy

    Watch this Ed Talk to discover how to implement evidence-based practices and instructional resources supported by structured literacy in your schools.

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    Research Briefing: Why Focusing on Principal Development is Key to Student Success

    It’s critical for districts to develop effective school leaders. New research says there’s a direct correlation between strong principals and heightened student outcomes. Watch this webinar to learn about the connection between school leadership and student achievement. 


    Funding 101: Finding the Right Sources to Meet your District's Instructional Needs

    Watch this webinar to get the blueprint on how to align your strategic plan with the right funding sources and uncover new funding opportunities available to your district. 


    Data-Driven Districts: How to Foster a Culture of Informed Decision-Making

    Watch this webinar to discover how you can foster a culture of informed decision-making and equip teachers to make confident decisions based on evidence rather than assumptions.

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    New at Istation: Classroom Resources

    Discover how Istation's latest innovation is designed to optimize instructional time by offering high-quality, adaptable, standards-aligned materials that seamlessly enhance core curriculum.

    Classroom Resources Selection

    Boost Achievement District-Wide with Lexile® and Quantile® Certifications

    Watch this webinar to unlock the power of the Lexile® and Quantile® Educator Academy and learn how teachers across your campuses can use these certifications to increase student achievement.


    Science of Reading Essentials: What Every District Leader Needs to Know

    Watch this webinar to discover the key strategies proven to drive effective literacy instruction and growth in school districts.


    A Principal's Playbook for Continuous Literacy Growth 

    Join Chrissy Joiner, principal at Jefferson Elementary in Georgia, to learn how she fosters a culture of data-driven decision-making.


    Unlock Reading Potential: How to Support Students with Dyslexia

    Watch this webinar learn how to inform teachers about dyslexia best practices, sharpen your understanding of current dyslexia legislation, explore screening tools, and hear from your peers on what’s working to jumpstart reading success.


    [Digital Summit] Leveling Up School Leadership

    Watch this digital summit to get specific, research-based strategies you can implement now for transformative principal leadership.


    Successful District Leadership: How to Develop and Implement Timely Strategies

    Dive into the research on how district leaders can build a thriving school culture, cultivate high-quality leaders, and influence students’ outcomes.


    3 Strategies to Build Teacher Communities on Your Campus

    Learn how to cultivate an inclusive culture on your campus, leverage technology, and support effective communication to strengthen teaching communities and enhance student learning outcomes.


    Research Briefing: 3 Urgent Actions Needed to Recover Learning Lag

    Educators are working hard to help students regain their academic footing after the pandemic. But there is still a long way to go. Hear what the latest research says on COVID-related learning lag. 



    Unlock the Power of Intervention with Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring

    Educators need the right tools to develop an effective intervention strategy. Register for this webinar to explore if your current tools provide ways to, determine how students are performing, identify students at risk of reading difficulties, and close achievement gaps. 



    Data-Driven Small Group Instruction

    Research shows that small-group learning promotes student achievement and well-being. Watch this webinar to learn how to create data-driven small groups and explore Istation curriculum that supports instruction.

    Power Up with Priority Standards

    In the final stretch toward end-of-year (EOY) benchmark assessments, let's power up your instruction using priority standards! Watch this on-demand workshop to explore Istation's priority standard lessons for each subject area and share ways that Istation supports educators through standards-based learning.


    Dual Language Spotlight: Building Spanish and English Literacy Proficiency 

    Dual-language educators need proven-to-work strategies that move the needle on growth. Watch this webinar to learn about Istation's comprehensive learning solution designed to enhance dual-language instruction and foster biliteracy. 
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    Choosing the Best Professional Development Solution for Your District 

    Set your educators up for success with district-wide professional development focused on student growth! Watch this webinar to discover how you can certify your educators with best practices and strategies using the Lexile and Quantile frameworks. 
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    Differentiate Instruction with Lexile® and Quantile® Measures

    Gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to become a certified Lexile and Quantile educator and learn how the courses in our Educator Academy boost teacher efficacy through powerful knowledge and tools. 

    Understanding Dyslexia in the Elementary Classroom

    Learn facts and myths about dyslexia, effective screening methods, and research-based teaching methods to support students' unique needs.
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    Motivating Middle School Students: How to Move Students to Reading Success

    Discover how to get – and keep – students invested in their success. Plus, see how the right ed-tech tools can help catch students up, close the grade level gap, and accelerate reading growth.


    3 Essentials to Teaching Reading in Middle School

    Join this webinar to discover the essentials to delivering powerful middle school reading instruction.


    Strategies for Using TEIs to Improve Student Engagement

    Join this webinar to learn more about how to build students’ digital assessment literacy with technology-enhanced items (TEIs). Explore how Istation can support best practices on building students' TEI proficiency.


    Putting the Science of Reading into Practice

    Improving reading achievement means understanding what matters- and what works- in literacy instruction. Join this interactive webinar to learn how teaching practices rooted in the science of reading can impact student success.


    New Research Shows Istation Reading Grows Student Achievement

    DALLAS, June 2, 2022 -- New research from the University of Central Florida found that reading curriculum from Istation, a leader in educational technology, helped students in over eight southeastern school districts significantly achieve reading gains

    New Student Experience Launch Week Webinar

    Get a glimpse into Istation's new student experience and hear from the passionate product designers at the helm of the transformation. Plus, hear all about the next-generation learning content to come in the 2022-'23 school year!

    Watch Now

    Achieving Literacy Goals: Empowering Educators to Support Emergent Bilinguals

    Get key takeaways from Istation’s new research study which shows how one large urban district significantly increased English language proficiency.

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    High-Dosage Tutoring: Back on Track with a Comprehensive Platform

    High-dosage tutoring (HDT) is an intensive tutoring model delivered frequently over time and during the school day to accelerate learning. See how Istation can support learning gains and help students get back to grade-level learning in an accelerated manner.

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    New Educator Hub Launch Week Webinar

    Explore a time-saving, easy to use data hub designed by teachers for teachers! 

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    From User to Expert with Professional Development: Using Tech Tools to Their Full Potential

    How often does your school or district purchase edtech tools for teachers only to find at year’s end that teachers lacked the professional development necessary to use them to their full potential?

    Discover how to:

    • take inventory of tech tools and resources;
    • map out a strategic use plan; and
    • evaluate the program’s or tool’s efficacy for driving student growth.

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    Achieving Growth with Acceleration and Actionable Data

    Now on demand, this interactive webinar will help you learn more about prescriptive ways to address deficiencies, support areas of growth, and keep students on grade level! Istation 's Karen Ingram and Faith Conti lead the discussion.

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    Biliteracy Virtual Conference

    The conference consisted of three interactive, insightful discussions designed to educate and inform. These discussions included.....

    • Supporting Multilingualism in Schools: Understanding the Seal of Biliteracy

    • Biliteracy Education: Question and Answer with Dr. Heineke

    • Differentiated Instruction for Teachers, too! 2 Levels of Istation Implementation for Your Biliteracy Goals

    Watch Now

    3 Steps to Accelerate Learning and Reimagine Intervention

    Join us as we discuss 3 steps to help you accelerate learning and reimagine intervention as students return to the classroom.

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    Build Social-Emotional Learning Skills with Blended Learning

    In a landscape of remote, in-person, or hybrid models of teaching and learning, learn how educators can foster critical SEL skills using blended learning.

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    Start the Year Strong: a 5-Step Plan to Transform Your School or District and Get Powerful Growth

    Meet 3 exceptional district leaders who not only transitioned their district to remote learning with ease, but are also employing effective, data-driven strategies to set their district up for success. Get the steps to success!

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    Connecting School and Home: How to Implement Powerful Assessment and Progress Monitoring Systems

    Discover why computer-adaptive assessments are key to saving teachers time, helping educators differentiate instruction, and reducing the number of students who are struggling. Learn implementation best practices and progress monitoring must-haves to ensure grade-level proficiency.

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