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    Ysleta Independent School District

    See How One Large Urban District Addresses the Needs of Emergent Bilingual Students

    Accelerating grade-level achievement for emergent bilingual students is a top priority of Ysleta Independent School District, the sole A-rated district in El Paso, Texas. Situated just 2 miles from the Mexican border, YISD needed a literacy solution – in both English and Spanish– to support reading growth for the district’s unique population. The district saw reading gains that outperformed those of the rest of the state by 30-plus points.

    Watch the video below to see how they did it!

    Not all teachers [in YISD] are bilingual or certified bilingual, and we needed to find a tool that would help them diagnose, analyze and quickly determine where a student is academically.

    — Superintendent in El Paso, Texas

    Blanton Elementary School

    Istation Math Leads the Way for Personalized Learning Paths

    Teaching is all about knowing the best way to support each student’s learning. For the teachers at Blanton Elementary, Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) Math assessment has made this work more streamlined and easier to manage. Istation’s assessment has deepened teachers’ understanding of where each of their students are and what skills they need next.

    Learn why 100% of teachers at Blanton chose to continue using Istation in their math instruction.

    “When I asked teachers this fall if they wanted to continue [with Istation] for the math piece, 100% of them said yes, specifically because of the way ISIP helps direct their next steps for teaching.”

    — Principal in Carrollton, TX

    Lubbock Independent School District

    A Data-Focused Approach That Works

    Even in the midst of a pandemic, with the consistent data from Istation’s regular assessments, students in Lubbock ISD were able to maintain and even increase their proficiency scores using Istation. Learn how Istation contributed to the powerful feeling of success students experienced as a result of their hard work and accountability to goals.

    “Istation is a tremendous part of the success we have seen as a district.… We’ve been going through a pandemic, but Istation still helped us keep moving the work forward.”

    — Superintendent in Lubbock, Texas

    Dallas Independent School District

    Flexible and Personalized High-Dosage Tutoring Gets Students Back on Track

    Pandemic learning loss has been a reality for most schools and families across the country. Learn how students, teachers, and tutors at a Dallas ISD high school put to use the adaptability and flexibility that Istation offers both in the classroom and at home. Istation as a tool for high-dosage tutoring helped students get where they needed to be.

    “One of the great things about Istation is that it allows for flexibility for teachers, tutors, and students and for engagement in multiple settings.… It doesn’t limit itself to that 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. setting.”

    — Director of Student Tutoring Services at Dallas ISD
    Girl in classroom using Istation

    Sage International School in Idaho

    Driving Growth Towards Proficiency across All Grade Levels

    When teachers at Sage International School in Boise, Idaho, first started using ISIP™ to assess their students, 11% of students were in need of critical intervention. After just 7 months, that number dropped to 8%. Learn more about how Istation’s data helped drive student growth toward literacy proficiency.


    Pocatello School District 25 in Idaho

    Istation’s Strong School-to-Home Connection Drives Remote Learning Success

    Flexibility, adaptability, and differentiation are hallmarks of why distance learning works with Istation. When Pocatello School District (PCSD) 25 began closing schools in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers, administrators, and technology support specialists were able to move quickly because they already had Istation progress monitoring in place. Learn more about how PCSD 25 and Istation made it not only possible but easy for students to continue learning at home.

    Community Unit School District 300

    Effective and Student-Directed Dual-Language Learning 

    The goal of dual-language learning is to effectively become truly biliterate, bilingual, and bicultural. Administrators, coaches, teachers, and parents all weigh in on the engaging and structured Istation Lectura program that’s driving student results in Spanish-language reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

    “With Istation [Lectura] we are seeing those results of kids learning how to read, how to write, how to listen, and how to use language effectively.”

    — Director for EL and World Languages in Algonquin, Illinois

    Bernalillo and Rio Rancho Schools

    “I Can Do It!” – Giving Kids the Gift of Reading with Istation

    Teaching and technology work together to support educators, empower kids, and change lives at schools in Bernalillo and Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Istation provides students a visible and tangible opportunity to see their own growth and boost their confidence in reading and writing. “I can do it!” joyfully resounds from classrooms.

    “Istation has helped the students in a very, very big way. It’s so powerful…when you give the gift of reading to a child.”

    — Kindergarten Teacher in Rio Rancho, New Mexico
    A mother helps her child with homework.

    San Antonio, Texas

    Teachers + Flexible, Adaptable Technology = Meeting Unique Student Needs

    Assessment and progress monitoring can be complicated even in perfect learning conditions. When COVID-19 hit and San Antonio ISD had to close classrooms, teachers were concerned about how to meet the needs of all students, particularly the needs of their English learners. Students learned virtually using Istation’s culturally authentic Spanish-language program while simultaneously receiving extra practice with Istation’s reading program.

    Student and teacher sit at a desk with a tablet.

    Eagle County School in Colorado

    Powerful Assessment Leads to Purposeful Instruction

    When teachers at Eagle County School in Colorado  needed a progress monitoring tool for both math and reading, they were relieved to discover that Istation could deliver both. Having one platform for all progress monitoring freed up the time teachers needed to link intentional and aligned instruction to the individual needs of each student.

    Rio Rancho Public Schools

    Powerful Stories of Student Growth and Success

    Engaging assessments and instruction improve literacy skills for kids as early as kindergarten. Istation’s computer-adaptive activities and lessons provide actionable and insightful data that measure the “Big Five” foundational literacy skills and personalize learning for all students. Vista Grande Elementary School teachers share the powerful stories of successful outcomes from their classrooms.

    The information we get from Istation helps us really home in on what the kids need.”

    — Principal in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

    W.D. Carroll Elementary School

    How Replicating Small Wins Leads to District-Wide Success

    When Superintendent Keith Cowan of Bernalillo Public Schools wanted to bring Istation to his entire district for students in kindergarten through 8th grade, he needed a way to get everyone on board. By starting small and letting the data do the talking, he saw his teachers get excited and want to replicate the impressive results they were seeing.

    “When we were thinking about going with Istation district-wide, K–8, how do you get everybody on board with that — get everybody excited about it? I think you start with the small successes, looking at the data, seeing how the students are doing. You can’t argue with that.”

    — Superintendent in Bernalillo, New Mexico