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Take Students on a Journey Through America's Story

The Story of America is an interactive, online, distance learning US History curriculum for middle and high school students. This unique program explores our nation’s journey through time and meets US history standards while reinforcing critical reading and writing instruction.

The program features stories from Dr. William J. Bennett’s best-selling books: America: The Last Best Hope and The Book of Virtues.

The Story of America....

  • explores the nation’s journey from pre-colonization to the modern era

  • correlates with US history and literacy standards while reinforcing critical reading and writing skills


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US History Units

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Middle School

Unit 1 The Americas Before Columbus

Unit 2 The Age of Exploration

Unit 3 The Colonization of America

Unit 4 The Road to Revolution

Unit 5 The American Revolution

Unit 6 The New Nation

Unit 7 Challenges of the New Republic

Unit 8 Moving West

Unit 9 Growth and Division

Unit 10 Abolitionists and Social Change

Unit 11 The Civil War

Unit 12 Reconstruction

Special Unit The Constitution

Special Unit Social Studies Skills


High School

Review Unit Pre-Columbian History to Reconstruction

Unit 1 Reconstruction

Unit 2 The Nation Expands

Unit 3 The Impact of Industry

Unit 4 The Gilded Age

Unit 5 The Rise of Progressivism

Unit 6 America and The Age of Empires

Unit 7 World War I

Unit 8 From the Roaring Twenties to Black Tuesday

Unit 9 The Great Depression and the New Deal

Unit 10 World War II

Unit 11 The Cold War and Prosperity

Unit 12 The Sixties and Seventies

Unit 13 The End of the American Century

Unit 14 A New Century

Special Unit The Constitution

Special Unit Social Studies Skills

Inside the Story of America

Interactive Reading Passages

Student's comprehension and vocabulary skills are sharpened through interactive reading passages. 



Engaging Videos and Audio Clips

Students engage with online activities that promote research and independent learning. 




Teaching US History and Literacy

Increase students’ knowledge of US history through culturally relevant and immersive lessons while students improve grade-level reading skills. The Story of America weaves literacy skills throughout standards-aligned history lessons and activities.