Management Team

Istation's exemplary team of content developers, animators, programmers, and advisors is led by a leadership team that is passionately devoted to elevating the standards of US literacy and education.

Istation Chairman and CEO, Richard H. Collins

Richard H. Collins

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Driven by the desire to fuel innovation in the classroom and elevate the academic results in US schools, Dick Collins — and several partners inspired by his enthusiasm — formed Istation in 1998. READ MORE

Istation Chief Operating Officer, Sandra K. Thomas

Sandra Kuprion-Thomas

President and Chief Operating Officer

In addition to serving as Istation's Chief Operating Officer, Sandra is also the President. She joined Istation in May 2008. READ MORE

Istation Executive Vice President of Creative Services, Dan Kuenster

Dan Kuenster

Executive Vice President of Design and Animation

Since joining Istation in 1999 as the company's Executive Vice President of Design and Animation, Dan has been instrumental in the use of creativity to capture children's attention and make reading fun. READ MORE