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    Build Spanish Literacy with Istation Spanish Literacy

    Empower  PK - 5th grade students with culturally relevant content in a highly personalized learning experience! 

    Istation’s Spanish literacy program supports multilingual students grade and bilingual learning models through research-based Spanish assessments and instruction!

    Support classrooms by:

    • Prioritizing critical Spanish literacy interventions 
    • Closing language gaps for English-language learners
    • Differentiating learning with biliteracy reporting

    “With Istation [Lectura] we are seeing those results of kids learning how to read, how to write, how to listen, and how to use language effectively.”

    — Director for EL and World Languages in Algonquin, Illinois
    Image of Istation Lectura assessment.

    Assessments for Literacy in Spanish

    Designed by and for Spanish speakers, Istation provides authentic Spanish screeners, progress monitoring, and biliteracy reporting. Computer-adaptive technology adjusts to each student’s ability level to support schools with accurate data that is predictive of reading success.

    Istation Lectura Secret Word Game.

    Engaging Spanish Instruction

    Motivate students to take an active role in their learning with Istation’s personalized curriculum paths. Driven by assessment data and designed to supplement classroom instruction, Istation’s program provides students with culturally relevant, engaging content.

    Istation Lectura provides:

    • Explicit delivery of online lessons
    • Differentiated instruction
    • Reteach opportunities to practice skills
    Image of Istation's resources page.

    Spanish Literacy Intervention Support

    Teachers have access to Istation’s online suite of time-saving teacher resources, including ready-to-use teacher-directed lessons in Spanish for targeted student interventions.

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    Accelerate Literacy Gains for Bilingual Students

    Learn how to improve English proficiency for your bilingual students. This research shows how students doubled their odds of improving their scores on standardized literacy assessments.

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    Three Key Benefits of Student Biliteracy

    Discover the benefits of student biliteracy in the classroom and learn how promoting literacy in Spanish can drive student success in bilingual and dual-language programs.


    Developing English Language Proficiency

    See the latest research on why home-language development for Spanish-speaking students is key to developing English-language proficiency!