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    Ongoing professional learning enhances teaching practices and ultimately changes the lives of your students. From in-person training to virtual opportunities, Istation offers expert professional learning sessions to all customers.

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    Upcoming Sessions


    Teacher Tools Series

    Resources to Support Targeted Instruction

    Discover how Istation's comprehensive suite of educator tools and resources are meticulously crafted to empower educators, foster personalized learning, and cultivate student growth in a dynamic and engaging academic environment.
    Teacher Station for Reading
    Teacher Station for Spanish Literacy
    Istation Games, Ipractice, and Books (Reading)
    Istation Games, Songs, Books (Spanish)
    Math Manipulatives 
    Writing Rules 
    Istation's Parent Portal 

    Rapid Automatized Naming

    Explore Istation's RAN assessment, from foundational insights on processing speed and reading difficulties to advanced screening, data analysis, and effective reporting for student success.
    Session #1:
    Understanding RAN: Early Intervention Insights
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    Session #2:
    Advanced Screening and Precision with RAN
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    Oral Reading Fluency

    Discover the full potential of Istation's Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) assessment in this webinar series, starting from foundational insights to advanced techniques in screening, data utilization, and comprehensive reporting for improved student outcomes.
    Session 1:
    Foundations of Fluency with Istation's Oral Reading Fluency Assessment (ORF)
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    Session 2:
    Advanced Strategies: Optimizing Istation's Oral Reading Fluency Assessment (ORF) Insights
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    US History: The Story of America

    These sessions will equip educators with the essential knowledge and skills to effortlessly incorporate the US History: The Story of America program into their curriculum. Discover invaluable insights on effortlessly navigating the educator dashboard and unlocking the full potential of reporting capabilities.
    The Story of America: Maximizing Your Educator Dashboard

    On-Demand Sessions

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    Oral Reading Fluency
    for English and Spanish

    Discover how Istation's Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) assessment can accurately measure oral reading fluency for students in grades K–5, offering valuable data to create effective instructional strategies.


    Hero Teacher B

    Istation Reporting Series

    Explore the transformative power of Istation's robust reporting tools, enabling educators to drive data-informed instruction through this series of microlearning webinars.


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    Istation Teacher Tools

    Istation's extensive selection of educator tools and resources are carefully designed to empower teachers, promote individualized learning, and nurture student growth in a dynamic and captivating academic setting.



    ISIP Assessment Literacy Series

    Discover how to utilize Istation's Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) assessments to enhance instruction and support student growth in this series of microlearning webinars.



    ISIP Assessment Overview

    Discover how Istation's Indicators of Progress (ISIP) assessment provides educators with valid, reliable, and actionable data to improve student outcomes.



    Rapid Automatized Naming

    Discover how Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) screening assessment provides valuable insights for educators to identify students with potential reading difficulties such as dyslexia.


    Live, In-Person Training and Coaching

    Grow your teachers knowledge and skills through Istation’s live, in-person training and coaching experiences. With Istation professional services your teachers get real-time training from a team of education experts.

    Istation’s collaborative training sparks ideas for improving student learning outcomes in schools. Meet the needs of your educators who benefit from hands-on learning.