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    Ongoing professional learning enhances teaching practices and ultimately changes the lives of your students. From in-person training to virtual opportunities, Istation offers expert professional learning sessions to all customers.

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    Upcoming Sessions


    Istation Ignite: A Playbook for Istation Success

    Prepare for the upcoming school year with a series of dynamic webinars tailored to enhance and elevate your Istation experience, providing invaluable insights and strategies to maximize student engagement and achievement.
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    Getting Started with Istation for Teachers

    This comprehensive course equips educators with tools and knowledge to seamlessly integrate Istation into the classroom, focusing on navigating the Istation platform, engaging teacher resources, using Istation's formative assessment tool to measure student readiness and track progress, and more!


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    Getting Started with Istation for Administrators

    This course equips school leaders with essential knowledge, tools, and strategies for effective Istation implementation by understanding key features, leveraging data for informed decisions driving student success, and maximizing instructional resources to enhance teaching and learning.


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    What's New with Istation

    This session spotlights Istation's new features and enhancements for the 2024-2025 school year, equipping educators with insights to leverage innovative new tools for engaging learning experiences driving measurable student growth and achievement.



    US History: Story of America

    These sessions will equip educators with the essential knowledge and skills to effortlessly incorporate the US History: Story of America program into their curriculum. 
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    Technical Onboarding for The Story of America

    This training session provides a comprehensive overview of the technical onboarding process for The Story of America. 


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    Getting to Know The Story of America Program

    This session covers the fundamentals of The Story of America program as well as how to navigate the educator dashboard and student experience.

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    Maximizing The Story of America Educator Dashboard

    This session provides valuable insights and practical tips on maximizing tools for reporting, standards alignment, feedback, and progress monitoring for an enhanced experience using The Story of America. 



    Using The Story of America in Your US History Classroom

    This session provides practical strategies for seamlessly integrating The Story of America program into your  social studies classroom to enhance student learning and historical understanding.


    The Story of America Content Preview - Bill Bennett's Stories

    This session provides an overview of the stories and biographies that middle and high school students have the opportunity to engage with within The Story of America program. 


    On-Demand Sessions

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    Istation Teacher Tools

    Istation's extensive selection of educator tools and resources are carefully designed to empower teachers, promote individualized learning, and nurture student growth in a dynamic and captivating academic setting.


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    Oral Reading Fluency
    for English and Spanish

    Discover how Istation's Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) assessment can accurately measure oral reading fluency for students in grades K–5, offering valuable data to create effective instructional strategies.



    Rapid Automatized Naming

    Discover how Istation’s Formative Assessment (ISIP) + Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) screening assessment provides valuable insights for educators to identify students with potential reading difficulties such as dyslexia.


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    Istation Reporting Series

    Explore the transformative power of Istation's robust reporting tools, enabling educators to drive data-informed instruction through this series of microlearning webinars.



    Istation Formative Assessment (ISIP) Literacy Series

    Discover how to utilize the Istation Formative Assessment (ISIP) to enhance instruction and support student growth in this series of microlearning webinars.



    Istation Formative Assessment (ISIP) Overview

    Discover how the Istation Formative Assessment (ISIP) provides educators with valid, reliable, and actionable data to improve student outcomes.


    Live, In-Person Training and Coaching

    Grow your teachers knowledge and skills through Istation’s live, in-person training and coaching experiences. With Istation professional services your teachers get real-time training from a team of education experts.

    Istation’s collaborative training sparks ideas for improving student learning outcomes in schools. Meet the needs of your educators who benefit from hands-on learning.