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    Dual Language Solution for Biliteracy Success

    Dual language student enrollment in the US has significantly increased in K-12 school districts over the past decade. This has elevated biliteracy education as a top priority for many districts.

    To reach this goal, schools must have the tools in place to provide dual language assessment, instruction, and practice. 

    Learn how Istation's digital assessments, instruction, biliteracy reporting, and teacher resources help increase dual language student growth.

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    Istation Lectura program
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    Increase Biliteracy Academic Performance in Your Schools

    Implement a personalized, online learning experience designed to seamlessly align with any dual language learning model. 

    Istation Reading and Spanish Literacy work together to accelerate biliteracy learning. This helps districts reach standard expectations for English Language Arts, Spanish Language Arts, and Mathematics on time.

    Enhance your bilingual program with our powerful tools.

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    Deliver Powerful Dual Language Assessment and Instruction

    With Istation’s authentic English and Spanish assessments, your educators can identify specific areas of strength and need in 30 minutes or less.

    Educators can use this data to adjust core or tier 1 instruction and intervene when students need it most.

    After the assessment, Istation automatically places students into differentiated learning paths based on their ability levels for extra practice. 


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    Help Educators Effectively Support Bilingual Students

    Equip your non-Spanish-speaking teachers and Spanish-speaking teachers with effective tools to evaluate and teach Spanish-speaking students

    Inside Istation, educators can access digital tools to help teach bilingual students, including assessments, guides, lessons, and materials.


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    Save Time with Authentic, Culturally Relevant Instruction and Resources 

    Deliver culturally-relevant learning experiences using Istation’s English and Spanish scripted lessons.

    These resources are designed to build proficiency in 4+1 language domains: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and metalinguistic awareness for grade-level success.


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    Leverage Biliteracy Reporting to Compare Linguistic and Academic Performance in Both Languages

    Istation’s powerful biliteracy reports give educators a side-by-side comparison of student performance and progress in both languages.

    This actionable data provides a deeper understanding of whether cognitive or language acquisition challenges exist, helping educators respond with precision. 


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    Choose the Right Tool for English Learners

    Support dual-language students using the right tools.


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    Discover the Benefits of Student Biliteracy

    Set biliterate students up for success with Istation.