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    Dual Language Spotlight: Building Spanish and English Literacy Proficiency

    Dual Language Learning Program

    Istation Reading and Istation Lectura are online learning programs designed to meet the needs of dual language learners. 

    Districts and schools use Istation to screen and differentiate instruction through personalized learning paths tailored to students' needs in both English and Spanish. 

    Educators also have access to English and Spanish digital lessons and one-on-one teaching strategies built to enrich small and whole-group dual language instruction.


    What Is a Dual Language Learner?

    A dual language learner is a student whose first language is not English. Typically they are being taught in a language other than their primary language. 

    Dual language learning generally starts in kindergarten or first grade, extends for at least five years, and may continue into middle school and high school. 

    When teaching a dual language learner it is important to build comprehensive literacy and fluency in more than one language.


    Benefits of Dual Language Learning

    According to the US Department of Education, dual language educational programs are a type of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages. 

    Research shows teaching a student in both languages enhances language development, fosters bilingualism, and builds literacy proficiency. 

    When considering a dual language online tool for your district or school, it is important to ensure the program offers monolingual instruction, where only one language is taught at a time.      


    Dual Language Assessment

    Istation Reading and Lectura provide educators with authentic English and Spanish assessments. Research shows students improve literacy skills in their primary and secondary languages when these assessments are used together.

    With Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) assessment and screener, educators can: 

    • Quickly and easily administer assessments to an entire class
    • Screen students at risk for reading difficulties in both English and Spanish
    • Meet the needs of dual-language learners through personalized learning in both languages

    ISIP Assessment


    Istation as a Dual Language Online Learning Program

    Istation Reading and Lectura offer districts and schools an online tool for dual language assessments and instruction in both Spanish and English. 

    • District administrators and school leaders get access to progress monitoring and biliteracy reports built to help them make informed decisions 
    • Teachers get access to evidence-based dual language assessments, curriculum, and ready-made teacher-directed lessons
    • Students get access to a game-like dual language learning experience designed to increase achievement

    Istation Reading  Istation Lectura


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    Support dual-language students using the right tools.


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