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    Accelerate Literacy Skills with Istation Reading

    Istation’s blended learning approach uses research-based assessments and a computer-adaptive curriculum to drive powerful student growth.

    Firmly rooted in the science of reading, Istation’s reading assessment and instruction covers the National Reading Panel’s “Big Five” foundational reading skills:

    • phonemic awareness
    • phonics
    • fluency
    • vocabulary
    • reading comprehension
    Example of an Istation spelling activity.

    “Istation is a tremendous part of the success we have seen as a district.… We’ve been going through a pandemic, but Istation still helped us keep moving the work forward.”

    — Superintendent in Lubbock, Texas

    Coach Students with Actionable Data

    Inside Istation, educators can easily access the diagnostic reading assessment and screen an entire class in 30 minutes or less. Pinpoint student strengths and needs to provide interventions and instruction at the right time.

    Our computer-adaptive assessment…

    • measures readiness for grade-level instruction;
    • screens to identify students who are at risk for struggling with core instruction;
    • determines what interventions are needed; and
    • monitors progress and tracks student growth.
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    Personalized Instruction and Intervention

    As students move through the instruction, they have opportunities to engage with increasingly complex texts and gamified activities that are on their grade level. Teachers can target interventions in whole- or small-group instruction to meet the needs of all learners.


    Time-Saving Teacher Resources

    Educators get access to thousands of online interactive resources, including read-alouds, digital books, teacher-directed lessons, and more. With these tools, teachers can spend more time instructing, and students can spend more time learning.


    Digital Oral Reading Fluency

    Istation’s digital Oral Reading Fluency assessment for grades K through 3 combines over three decades of educational research with more than a decade of technical development and data to provide schools with the latest voice recognition and recording technology.

    With ISIP ORF, teachers can screen students to determine who is at risk of falling behind and can monitor progress to determine how well interventions are working. Plus, with Istation’s Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) educators can further measure students’ fluency with cutting-edge assessment tools.

    3 Students doing group lessons on a laptop outside.

    How Digital Progress Monitoring Can Simplify Your Reading Assessment Process

    See how digital assessments provide fast and reliable data that can be used in a number of ways.

    A classroom of students using Istation.

    3 Ways Technology Can Empower Students to Own Their Learning

    Your school’s technology tools can empower students to take ownership of their learning. Find out how Istation is reshaping the student learning experience.

    An educator helps a middle school student use Istation in a classroom.

    How Istation Contributed to Literacy Growth in South Carolina

    Researchers found that students who used Istation at least 30 minutes per week generally experienced larger gains on the Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) reading assessment than similar comparison students did.