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    Boost Student Reading Success

    Increasing student reading achievement is a common goal for PK-8 schools. Meeting this goal means schools must have the right tools in place.

    Grow your students’ reading success with Istation's all-in-one, online reading assessment and instruction solution.


    Based on the Science of Reading

    Your student’s ability to read is the foundation of their academic success. With Istation, your teachers can screen an entire classroom in 30 minutes or less in the five key areas of reading. 

    Monthly automated assessments make monitoring progress possible between benchmarks.


    Standards-Aligned Online Instruction

    Inside Istation your teachers can use actionable insights to implement personalized, standards-aligned reading instruction to meet students' needs. 


    Close Gaps with the Right Intervention

    Use real-time data to pinpoint where students are struggling. Then use these insights to know when to intervene.

    Plus, give your educators time-saving resources to meet with students one-on-one.

    “Istation is a tremendous part of the success we have seen as a district.… We’ve been going through a pandemic, but Istation still helped us keep moving the work forward.”

    — Superintendent in Lubbock, Texas

    Teacher Support & Development

    Give your teachers professional development options, online interactive reading resources, scripted lessons, read-alouds, digital books, and more.

    With Istation, teachers can spend less time planning and more time teaching.

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    Use Evidence-Based Principles for Effective Reading Instruction

    Understand how to align classroom instruction with key teaching principles.

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    3 Ways Technology Can Empower Personalized Learning

    Ensure your school’s technology empowers students to take ownership of their learning. 

    An educator helps a middle school student use Istation in a classroom.

    Fostering Literacy Growth in South Carolina

    Students who used Istation at least 30 minutes per week experienced larger gains than their peers on the Measures of Academic Progress® reading assessment.