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    Identify Student Reading Gaps

    Use Istation's digital reading assessments to screen areas of struggle in the five core areas of reading - phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  


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    Use Screening Data for Next Steps

    Give your teachers the right tool to respond to reading difficulties with real-time data. Use this data to measure progress all year long.

    See what students know and where they need to go. 

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    Intervene with a Time-Saving Tool

    Get all the screening tools - in one place. With Istation's ISIP, RAN, and Reading Report you'll get a clear picture of your students' reading potential.

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    Key Benefits of ISIP Reading

    With Istation's ISIP assessment you can:

    • Screen a whole class in 30 minutes or less
    • Predict success on end-of-year state exams
    • Monitor skill growth over time

    Key Benefits of ISIP RAN

    Use Istation's RAN assessment to:

    • Measure processing speed 
    • Predict a student's later ability to read fluently
    • Identify who performs rapid naming tasks slowly

    Benefits of Reading Risk Report

    With Istation's Reading Risk Report you can see:

    • Subskill strengths and weaknesses
    • Number of reading difficulty risk factors
    • Moderate to high ratings for further evaluation

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