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    Turn Student Potential into Success with Universal Screening

    Formative assessments ignite the Istation experience! Give your teachers the power to measure readiness in critical skills, identify learning barriers, and improve instructional approaches with Istation’s formative assessments.

    See inside Istation’s assessment solutions.


    Measure, Monitor, and Respond to Learning

    Cultivate informed decision-making with powerful digital progress monitoring tools. With Istation, your teachers can gauge student learning more frequently than common testing benchmarks.

    Give teachers a tool to easily identify students’ progress so they can respond with timely instruction and intervention to keep students moving forward all year long.

    Quick & Easy Online Reading, Math,

    and Spanish Literacy Assessment for Schools

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    Inform Decision-Making

    Ensure school leaders have reliable performance data.
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    Identify Systemic Challenges

    Detect high-level needs across campuses.
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    Celebrate Growth

    Easily highlight successes to boost additional gains.
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    Instruct Using Data

    Meet students with personalized learning.
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    Implement Interventions

    Customize explicit practice based on students’ needs.
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    Monitor Student Progress

    Track achievement all year long.
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    Determine What’s Next in Instruction

    Intentional instruction starts with sound assessment! With Istation’s time-saving tool, educators can easily assess students to determine instructional next steps in reading, math, and Spanish literacy.

    Ensure your school’s assessment tool has the key essentials.


    Improve Reading Achievement in English and Spanish

    Help your educators identify skills that are most predictive of reading success. After students take the standards- and skills-based assessment, evaluate the level of support they need to boost reading achievement in English and Spanish.


    Accelerate Math Progress

    Differentiate math instruction based on instant data from Istation’s assessment. Engage students with an online, game-based learning tool that supports growth in the strands of math proficiency.


    Assess Oral Reading Fluency Skills

    Measure and score how many words a student can read accurately in English or Spanish with ISIP Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) assessment. In partnership with Boulder Learning, Inc., the advanced speech recognition technology is built for students in grades K-5. 

    Help teachers understand students' reading fluency to respond with the right instruction.


    5 Ways to Utilize Assessment Data

    Learn how to utilize assessment data in your classrooms.



    How to Simplify Your Assessment Process

    Learn 3 ways to use digital progress monitoring to simplify the assessment process.