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    Executive Team

    Image of CEO Richard H. Collins


    Richard H. Collins

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    As chairman and CEO, Collins has led Istation as an innovator in educational technology for over 25 years. He also currently serves on the boards of numerous charitable organizations that empower disadvantaged children through education, mentoring, counseling, and financial assistance.

    He began his career in banking and has invested in real estate, energy, and media companies since 1972. Collins has received numerous awards including the SMU Dean’s Award for Personal Achievement, Service, and Leadership, and was named EdTech CEO of the Year in the 2019 EdTech Breakthrough Awards.

    "It is critical that today’s students receive the most innovative education so that they are prepared to compete in the world. I believe technology is the key."

    — Richard H. Collins
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



    Rich Watson

    Chief Revenue Officer

    With over 18 years of experience in the education arena, Watson has served in leadership roles including the chief revenue officer at Honorlock, as senior vice president of customer success and strategic initiatives at Securly, and as regional vice president of strategic accounts at Amplify. 

    As the son of K-12 educators, Watson highly values empowering teachers and inspiring students with high-quality, interactive learning experiences. Early on in his career, he had the opportunity to support students with diverse learning needs, and he was inspired to pursue a purpose-driven path in education technology.

    He is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside, and a lifelong Lakers fan.

    Image of CFO Monika Flood


    Monika Flood

    Chief Financial Officer

    As chief financial officer, Flood directs the general financial business strategy for Istation. She has almost 20 years of business experience spanning finance, planning, strategy, and corporate development.

    Flood has held positions in both privately held and publicly traded companies and has served as a management consultant for multiple Fortune 50 organizations. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

    Image of CTO Bill Lowrey


    Bill Lowrey

    Chief Technology Officer

    Lowrey is a co-founder, leader, and innovator in technology for Istation. He brings 25 years of experience in software development with a concentration on developing scalable, reliable technology systems. He was named a finalist in the 2019 Tech Titans awards for chief technology officer.

    Lowrey has worked with large and small companies in the telecommunications, banking, insurance, energy, and healthcare industries.

    Image of CPO Steve Jordan


    Steve Jordan

    Chief Product Officer

    As chief product officer, Jordan leads Istation’s product vision, strategy, design, and development. With a focus on innovation and growth, Jordan drives Istation’s product portfolio to better serve educators and students.

    He brings more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry and previously was the vice president of product management at Flywheel Building Intelligence.

    Image of CIO Robert Rubin


    Robert Rubin

    Chief Information Officer

    Rubin is one of Istation’s founding members and the original chief architect of Istation’s information systems.

    An advocate for software’s ability to automate tasks and make educators’ lives easier, Rubin has been a key contributor in developing the company’s data-collection and reporting features and server infrastructure.

    Management Team



    Chris Blevins

    Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

    Blevins brings over 25 years of sales leadership experience and leads Istation’s strategic and government partnership teams to develop new business opportunities.



    Dustin Nulf

    Director of Audio

    Nulf leads audio artistic efforts for Istation’s digital learning products, including sound, voice, and music, and develops audio tool implementations.



    Sabrina Jones

    Director of Professional Services

    Jones has over 25 years of experience in education and leads Istation’s team of professional learning coaches and strategic partnership consultants.



    Melinda Santana-Carey

    Vice President of Human Resources and Administration

    Santana-Carey oversees Istation’s mission-driven people strategy in partnership with executive management and the human resources team.



    Gary White

    Senior Vice President of Engineering

    White has over 30 years of software development experience and leads engineering efforts to develop award-winning learning programs.



    Christy Spivey

    Senior Vice President of Customer Success

    Spivey leads the customer support, professional services, and product launch teams in their work to provide classrooms with best-in-class customer support to achieve successful student outcomes.



    Alex Bardales

    Director of Customer Support

    Bardales leads Istation’s best-in-class customer support teams which include general support, technical success, and onboarding and implementations.



    Brooke Mabry

    Director of Learning & Product Design

    Mabry is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 20 years of experience in education. She leads Istation’s learning design team to innovate in our digital curriculum and gamification.



    Shane Robbins

    Director of Product Operations and Delivery

    Robbins leads Istation's Agile practices, product delivery, product operations, and analytics groups. He brings more than 25 years of experience working in technology firms including start-ups, small businesses, and large enterprises.



    Brian Lucas

    Creative Director

    Lucas is a video game industry veteran with over 15 years of experience and leads Istation’s creative teams to develop engaging learning experiences.



    John Monroe

    Director of Proposals and Standards

    Monroe has over 25 years of experience in leading sales proposals efforts and leads the proposals team to match school, district, and state needs to Istation’s solutions.



    Ann Kurtz

    Director of Revenue Operations

    Kurtz oversees the optimization and maximization of revenue business functions and helps establish efficient education product lines for Istation.



    Molly Jackson

    Art Director

    Jackson leads Istation’s art team to develop exciting next-generation art for Istation’s suite of products.

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