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    Help ELL Students Reach Reading Proficiency

    The percentage of English language learners (ELLs) in US public schools continues to grow every year. This makes it important for schools to have the right tools in place to support ELL proficiency growth.

    Give teachers a research-based assessment, instruction, and practice solution designed to boost ELL reading achievement with Istation.

    Personalized Learning

    Measure English Learner Skill Development with Accuracy

    Identifying reading skill levels is the first step to optimizing English language student instruction. With Istation, it's easy for educators to quickly measure ELL proficiency on a student-by-student basis and plan for instructional next steps.  

    Learn how Istation's powerful assessments can help you quickly identify skill gaps and boost reading scores for your school’s English learners.


    Engage Learners with Culturally Relevant Content

    Personalized, online instructional paths make differentiation easy by providing students with the foundation needed to boost reading growth. Keep ELLs engaged with Istation's culturally relevant content and game-like learning experience. 

    Learn how you can make learning fun. Explore Istation’s ELL curriculum.

    Check List

    Provide Interventions When They Are Needed Most

    Track reading progress all year long with Istation’s interactive progress monitoring tools. With Istation's actional insights, teachers can provide timely interventions to empower ELL student growth.

    Learn how you can drive ELL reading achievement in our guide.


    Support Spanish Speaking Students in Their First Language

    When it comes to supporting ELL academic success, its critical instruction integrates the social, emotional, and cognitive challenges students experience in their primary language. Istation’s blended ELL literacy programs are built with these challenges in mind. 

    When used together, Istation Reading and Lectura help students build bridges between English and Spanish to become proficient thinkers, readers, and writers.

    Inside Istation, non-Spanish speaking teachers get access to digital tools all designed to make teaching bilingual students easier.


    Accelerate Literacy Gains for English Language Learners

    Istation’s research team conducted a study investigating the relationship between Istation Lectura usage and students’ Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) performance.

    Research showed that students who use Istation Lectura according to recommended guidelines double their odds of improving by one composite score level on the TELPAS assessment.


    Online ELL Literacy

    Solution for Schools

    Continuous Screening

    Identify Skill Gaps

    Easily pinpoint where ELL students are struggling.
    Light Document

    Culturally Relevant Content 

    Relate to students with culturally relevant content. 
    Three People Light

    Keep Students Engaged

    Make learning fun with a personalized, game-like experience.
    Dual Language

    Support ELL Students

    Meet students with instruction built in their native language.
    Screen Pencil

    Implement Interventions

    Customize explicit practice based on ELL student needs.
    Data Graph Up

    Monitor Student Progress

    Track achievement all year long.

    Leverage EdTech to Boost English Language Learner Achievement

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    Help English Language Learners Stay Engaged in School

    Get classroom strategies for engaging English learners that you can implement today.