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    Starting January 1, 2023 Istation will be supported on the following browser versions:

    • Chrome - latest 2 versions
    • Edge - latest 2 versions
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    Web-based version of the student application including assessments, instruction, Ipractice, and more

    Istation is excited to announce the release of Istation in the browser. Providing a simpler and more reliable experience for students and a more streamlined onboarding process for educators, Istation in the browser will transform and significantly expand Istation’s capabilities.

    We will continue to support the current Chrome app until June 2022. After that, all Chromebook users will transition to the browser version.


    • You’ll no longer need to download the app or download the latest update from the app store!
    • We’ll push updates out for you and do so more frequently to ensure a more consistent and exceptional Istation experience.


    The URL for Istation in the browser is app.istation.com. To opt in using single sign-on services, email Support.


    Check out the Istation User's Guide (login required) for frequently asked questions.

    For further assistance,
    contact our support team:

    E-mail: support@Istation.com

    Phone: 1-214-237-9300

    Minimum Technical Requirements

    Supported Operating Systems: Chrome OS, Windows, macOS
    Chrome Browser: latest 2 versions
    Edge Browser: latest 2 versions
    Resolution: 1024 x 768
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Storage: 3+ GB free space
    Internet Connection: 1.5+ Mbps

    Release Notes

    Touchscreen Chromebooks: We fully support touchscreen Chromebook devices, including tablets.

    Uninstall Chromebook app: We recommend uninstalling the Chromebook app when you switch over to Istation in the browser.

    For questions regarding Istation in the browser, please contact us at wasmfeedback@Istation.com.

    ISIP™ Web

    Web-based Istation assessments only

    ISIP Web for desktops is supported on most modern web browsers, specifically Microsoft Edge, Firefox 54+ (most recent version preferred), Chrome 51+ (most recent version preferred), and Safari 10+ for Mac (Safari on Windows not supported). Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

    ISIP Web for the iPad requires a 4th generation or later iPad running iOS 10+ with Safari mobile. Other mobile browsers for iPad are not supported at this time.

    ISIP Web for Android devices requires Android version 6+ with the Chrome browser. Other mobile browsers for Android are not supported at this time. The minimum supported screen size for Android devices is 8 inches, and landscape orientation is strongly preferred.

    ISIP Web for Chromebook requires Chrome 51+ (most recent version preferred).

    ISIP Oral Reading Fluency Technical Needs

    Supported Platforms - ISIP Oral Reading Fluency is supported on the following operating system and browser combinations.

    Operating System Support Removed
    Windows 7+ Chrome 67+, Microsoft Edge 41+, Firefox 88+
    Chrome OS 69.0.3497.95+ Chrome
    macOS 10.11.6+ Chrome 67+, Safari 11.1.2+, Firefox 88+
    iOS 11.4.1+ Safari


    A headset that contains a noise-canceling microphone is recommended to take the Oral Reading Fluency assessment. However, any external or built-in microphone can be used.

    Istation has had success using the Logitech Stereo Headset H111. You can find these headsets for sale at many online retailers. You may discover other mic-enabled headsets work as well.