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    On-Demand Webinar
    Dual Language Spotlight: Building Spanish and English Literacy Proficiency
    Student using Istation Reading

    Get Clear Visibility into Student Growth

    New updates provide insights that allow educators to track students’ learning journey!

    Image of students using Istation in classroom

    3 Science of Reading Essentials 

    Explore 3 things you need to know about the foundations of teaching reading.

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    Support Elementary Students with Dyslexia

    Use these 4 ways to support students with dyslexia in your classrooms.

    Our Mission

    For 25 years, Istation has been supporting educators and inspiring a love of learning. Empowering educators with one seamless, intuitive platform of assessment, instruction, and intervention, Istation gives schools the reliable data they need to predict student success and see powerful growth.





    Image of Istation's ISIP math assessment.

    Build Math Proficiency with Powerful Intervention and Instruction

    Assess, teach, and measure math gains with Istation! Powered by the strands of mathematical proficiency, Istation provides an effective digital solution personalized to each learner.

    Image of an Istation Reading instruction activity.

    Boost Reading Achievement with Intentional Intervention and Instruction

    Improve student growth with Istation Reading! Drive student success with engaging reading assessments and lessons powered by the National Reading Panel’s “Big Five”.

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    Support English Learners with Authentic Spanish Instruction

    Built by Spanish-language educators, Istation’s authentic Spanish literacy instruction engages students with interactive practice, digital books, and more!

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    Space Kitty

    Powerful Data for Reading, Math, and Spanish Literacy

    Build foundational skills, boost achievement, and predict student success with Istation’s formative assessments and personalized learning profiles.

    Istation has interactive lessons — both for students and teachers — and it has the scaffolds to move students toward grade level. Istation has everything right there for them.

    — Executive Director of Elementary Education at Pinellas County Schools

    Why Istation?

    Named “Online Learning Innovation of the Year” by EdTech Breakthrough, Istation is recognized as a compelling online learning solution for reading, math, and Spanish literacy. Based on scientific evidence and comprehensive research, Istation’s formative assessments, progress monitoring, adaptive curriculum, and teacher resources help measure growth and introduce new skills in school and at home.