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    Easily Monitor Student Learning

    Istation's formative assessments give educators access to real-time insights to help inform instruction and provide intervention at the right time.  

    Inside Istation, schools cans set achievement goals around strategic performance. Give your teachers an all-in-one solution to ensure continuous learning for all students.

    Istation Reports

    An overview of some of Istation's most popular reports. 


    Priority Report

    This instructional report identifies which students will benefit from further intervention and provides links to teacher-led lessons and
    supplemental materials.


    Executive Summary

    For school and district administrators, this report summarizes current results by combining the ISIP Summary Report with the ISIP Skill Growth by Tier Report.


    Summary Report

    This report helps educators determine which skills need to be retaught. It provides a classroom overview of how many students are performing within each instructional level according to skill.


    Biliteracy Report

    This report gives educators a side-by-side comparison of results for students using Istation Reading and Lectura.

    This ensures teachers can determine whether there is a language or literacy issue and respond with accuracy. 


    Student Summary Handouts

    This report summarizes each student’s performance including usage details, reading levels, progress, and the latest Priority Report alerts.

    Educators can use this report with guardians to help them see exactly how their child is performing.


    Usage Trend Report

    This monthly report tracks student usage throughout the school year and provides a level-by-level comparison of average minutes of instruction.


    Growth Pathways Report

    This NEW report give educators the ability to ensure students are making adequate reading progress to stay on track.

    Report Features

    • Track monthly progress
    • Evaluate instructional systems and supports
    • Set yearly growth goals for students of all levels
    • Implement problem-solving strategies and adjustments

    ISIP Skill Growth by Tier or Level

    This report shows each skill assessed and the progress made by students through the current month as measured against performance goals within tier/level groups.