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    Network Administrators

    Istation employs a proprietary communication protocol designed to minimize bandwidth usage when simultaneously run by multiple students in a school. Internal firewalls and/or content filters must be configured to allow outbound access to our servers:

    • TCP ports 12500 - 12509
    • IP address range: - ( - (,
    • Some options may require additional IP addresses

    Local Firewall Information

    When a software firewall is active on a computer, the firewall must be configured to allow Istation to accept connections from the local network. On Windows, this configuration occurs automatically during installation. For information specific to your OS, please review the detailed installation instructions for Windows (607KB) or for Mac (566KB). Additional information may also be obtained by calling Istation support at 1-214-237-9300 or 972-643-3440 (option 2).

    Firewall Configuration Test

    Test your firewall configuration now using the Firewall Configuration Test utility.

    E-mail Access

    If your district uses an e-mail filtering software or program, please add the Istation.com domain to your white list to allow inbound access via e-mail. This is our main method of communication with campus teachers and administrators.



    Check out the Istation User's Guide (login required) for frequently asked questions.

    For further assistance,
    contact our support team:

    E-mail: support@Istation.com

    Phone: 1-214-237-9300