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    The Challenge

    Community Unit School District 300 set out to find a tool to foster biliterate and and bicultural student learning. They needed a solution that would save valuable classroom time and make it easy for teachers to instruct in both English and Spanish. 

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    The Solution

    Istation Lectura + Istation Reading

    With Istation, districts like Community Unit School District 300 immediately saw results. Their students started developing skills to read, write, and listen in both English and Spanish.

    They also found that Istation's student-centered practice model allows students to work through online instruction at their own pace. This allowed students to excel based on their own strengths and weakness. 

    "We want our students to become biliterate, bilingual, and bi-cultural. With Istation we are seeing those results."

    — Joshua Perdomo, Director for EL and World Languages

    The Outcome

    With Istation, Community Unit School District 300 found students were more engaged and took more ownership of their learning.

    They found that when students used Istation Lectura and Istation Reading together they performed better in English. In some cases these students outperformed their peers only practicing reading skills in English. 

    The district was able to offer a double learning opportunity for their students and saw amazing student growth. 

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    Blanton Elementary

    “By using their monthly ISIP, [teachers] are able to find really specific areas that kids need to grow and to tailor their intervention for that…and it’s been very successful.”

    Principal at Carrollton ISD - Odessa, Texas



    Vista Grand Elementary

    Istation assesses students on phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.… I’m really able to look at the data to determine what areas of the “Big Five” my students need a little bit of additional support in."

    1st Grade Teacher - Rio Rancho, New Mexico