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    The Challenge

    Blanton Elementary School in Carrollton, Texas, was looking for a solution to boost math achievement.

    The goal was to find an online solution teachers could use to quickly identify students struggling with math and then use this data to tailor instruction to meet the needs of these students.

    They turned to Istation Math. 

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    The Solution

    Istation Math - 100% Teacher Support

    With Istation, Blanton teachers easily found intervention lessons to use in classroom instruction. Istation’s monthly data helped teachers track and monitor student growth.

    Being able to see this powerful growth, paired with valuable recommended next steps, set Blanton Elementary up for success.

    “When I asked teachers this fall if they wanted to continue [with Istation] for the math piece, 100% of them said yes, specifically because of the way ISIP helps direct their next steps for teaching.”

    — Tricia Badillo, principal at Blanton Elementary School

    The Outcome

    Teaching is all about knowing the best way to support each students' learning.

    For the teachers at Blanton Elementary, Istation’s math assessment made this effort more streamlined and easier to manage. Teachers now have a deeper understanding of how each of their students is performing and what skills they need next.

    When Blanton Elementary School Principal Tricia Badillo asked her teachers if they wanted to continue using Istation Math, 100% of them said yes. Blanton teachers specifically wanted to use Istation Math assessment to direct next steps for teaching. 


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