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    The Challenge

    Leaders at Pocatello-Chubbuck School District 25 were frustrated with continued learning loss and their lack of reliable ongoing insights into how students were progressing. It was difficult to plan next steps with tools in place that only assessed learning three times a year.

    This is why they turned to Istation for help.




    The Solution

    When Idaho implemented a K-3 statewide adoption of Istation’s reading program, PCSD 25 immediately had access to a tool that could help teachers speak a common data language. Istation collected reliable data and then allowed teachers to cut through the noise to get a clear picture of how students were doing. Educators could then have deeper conversations about where students needed instructional support. 

    “Istation’s data really gave us the foundation to build our knowledge and to have better conversations at the classroom/teacher level,” said Kimberly Thompson, District ELA Instructional Coach at PCSD 25.

    PCSD 25 made actionable decisions to involve students in every step of the learning process. Schools incorporated Istation usage into their curriculum so students grew comfortable with the program that facilitated focused, skill-based learning.


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    The Outcome

    After implementing Istation, students of all ages made significant gains. According to end-of-year data, more than half of K-3 students reached the top levels of proficiency by April. 

    Kindergarteners at Lewis and Clark Elementary School saw especially impressive growth. They started the year with 40% of students in September expected to meet end-of-year grade-level expectations. By May that percentage of students had risen to 97%. This means they began the next school year, as 1st graders, at a higher proficiency level than ever before — above the state average. 

    “We wanted to be on the same page with the state assessment moving forward,” said Kathy Luras, the K-12 Curriculum Coordinator for PCSD. “We were given the opportunity to pilot Istation in two elementary schools and saw more pronounced growth in the students that used Istation. We really liked that we could see all of the data that comes with Istation’s monthly assessments.”

    The district prioritizes research-based teaching and learning best practices to empower educators to make more informed decisions about instruction.


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