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    The Challenge

    Sage International was in need of a tool to help them offer timely, data-driven intervention.

    Without the ability to easily conduct regular progress monitoring, teachers struggled to deliver personalized intervention and instruction. They began searching for a comprehensive blended learning solution.



    The Solution

    Sage International teachers started using Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) assessments to monitor their students’ progress each month. ISIP results gave teachers the timely feedback they needed to intervene at the right time. 

    For the first time, Sage teachers were able to use data to quickly assess and group students together based on intervention needs. 

    Dee Dee Germino, RTI Specialist at Sage, said, “Istation has provided informative data that has become a tool for differentiation. As a reading specialist, I have grouped our intervention students accordingly based on this data.” 

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    The Outcome

    At the beginning of the school year, Istation’s data showed 11% of Sage International students at a Tier 3 level. In 7 months’ time, the number of students who needed intervention declined to 8%.

    Our goal as teachers here at Sage [is to] strive for proficiency across all grade levels,” said Germino. “Istation has moved us in this direction,” she said.


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