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    The Challenge

    When Superintendent Keith Cowan of Bernalillo Public Schools in New Mexico wanted to bring Istation to his entire district of more than 3,000 students in kindergarten through 8th grade, he needed a way to get everyone on board.

    W.D. Carrol Elementary School serves 320 of Bernalillo ISD's student population - 47% of students are 7 different Native American tribes and 50% are Hispanic. 

    By starting small and letting the data do the talking, he saw his teachers get excited and set out to replicate the impressive results they were seeing.

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    The Solution

    District-Wide Implementation Success

    Teachers started seeing their kindergarten student scores jump 2 to 3 points at a time. When this happened other teachers started asking about how this was being accomplished as they wanted to replicate the same results in their classrooms. 

    Relevance is important - making curriculum relevant to their culture helps keep students engaged - Istation is able to do this for students at W.D. Carrol Elementary School. 

    To be successful, school leadership implemented training sessions to help both teachers and students know exactly how to use Istation to get results. They continue to offer ongoing support at all levels on a regular basis. 



    “When we were thinking about going with Istation district-wide, K–8, how do you get everybody on board with that — get everybody excited about it? I think you start with the small successes, looking at the data, seeing how the students are doing. You can’t argue with that.”

    — Superintendent in Bernalillo, New Mexico

    The Outcome

    With Istation, W. D. Carroll Elementary teachers were able to show students how they can improve their skills and see the results. This sparked a lot of student engagement and participation. 

    Students wanted to log into Istation to learn and play. They were thrilled to increase their scores. The visual graphs help students understand the progress. 

    The results and excitement was an avenue for Bernalillo ISD school leadership to replicate the impressive results they were seeing in classrooms district-wide.


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