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    The Challenge

    Pandemic learning loss has impacted most schools and families across the country. Unfinished learning left students months behind in most subject areas including reading and math. 

    Director of Student Tutoring Services at Dallas ISD knew teachers and tutors needed the ability to easily identify students gaps and offer tutoring instruction based on gaps.

    With 153,861 students across 230 schools, any solution Dallas ISD put in place needed to quickly and easily provide accurate data and instructional supports. 

    This is why after the pandemic, Dallas ISD set out to find a flexible tutoring solution their teachers could use to identify student deficiencies and get students back on track.

    The Solution

    Istation Supports High-Dosage Tutoring

    Through their research Dallas ISD found Istation was able to help them accomplish their goal. With Istation, they are able to seamlessly implement high-dosage tutoring in any classroom setting.

    Teachers can easily break into strategic small groups with students to integrate high-impact, high-dosage tutoring in their classroom. 

    “One of the great things about Istation is that it allows for flexibility for teachers, tutors, and students and for engagement in multiple settings.… It doesn’t limit itself to that 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. setting.”

    — Director of Student Tutoring Services at Dallas ISD

    The Outcome

    Istation provides Dallas ISD the ability to easily implement a flexible high-dosage tutoring program for students, teachers, and tutors.

    With Istation, tutoring is not limited to school hours. It can be done on the fly, in the classroom, or scheduled for after school practice giving Dallas ISD tutors and teacher the ability to work together to engage learning in multiple settings.  


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