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    The Challenge

    With 678 students coming from a mix of affluent families to low income families, Vista Grande Elementary School in Rio Rancho, New Mexico was looking to find a tool to provide teachers with data to easily identify skill gaps and meet student reading needs. 

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    The Solution

    Actionable Assessment Data

    Using Istation's assessment data, Vista Grande Elementary found they were able to hone in on what students needed to boosts reading growth. They used this data to make informed decisions around instruction and intervention. 

    They also discovered that students were more engaged with Istation's tools than they had been with other tools in the past. The adaptive learning immerses students in an interactive, personalized learning solution.



    “Istation has helped the students in a very, very big way. It’s so powerful…when you give the gift of reading to a child.”

    — Kindergarten Teacher in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

    The Outcome

    The school was able to easily use student scores to personalized instruction and build student knowledge in the areas they needed it most. 

    Kindergarten students at Vista Grande Elementary started the year at 30% proficiency according to Istation's assessment data. By the end of the year they had reached 62% proficiency.  At the same time, the school was seeing amazing growth for individual students. A first grader started the school year at level 1. After consistently using Istation, she had reached a level 2 by October. Shortly there after the same student was scoring at a level 3. 

    This data has transformed the school - their teachers have more knowledge of where students need to be and where they need to go.

    With Istation, Vista Grande Elementary is able to give the gift of reading to students in their school. 


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