Immediate, Reliable, Computer-Adaptive Assessments


With Istation, teachers don't need to spend time analyzing the grades to determine students' study paths or creating intervention lesson plans. The assessment does it all, automatically placing students into individualized paths, in their specific areas of need, at the proper reading level. No other program does that!

Istation not only provides an assessment of individual and classroom capability, it does so in just 30 minutes and makes the scores immediately available. But that's only the beginning.

Over time, Istation assessments are administered monthly — or on demand as needed — to instantly measure students' incremental improvements, independent of grade or age, and continually move them through the curriculum at the optimal pace.

There's no better tool than ISIP for testing student capabilities in Early Reading*, Advanced Reading*, Español, and Math.

Istation's Indicators of Progress (ISIP™):

  • is a research- and standards-based formative assessment
  • is computer-adaptive technology that selects successive questions dynamically, based on responses to previous questions, effectively tailoring the assessment to each student's level of ability
  • assesses all domains of reading for each grade, including phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, alphabetic decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and text fluency
  • identifies the needs of all students from each reading domain, from struggling to advanced learners
  • generates instant reports that group students by need of additional targeted instruction in specific skills
  • can be delivered via the Internet or Web
  • is correlated to common core and state-specific standards
  • is highly rated by the NCRTI as an RTI screening and continuous progress monitoring tool

* Istation's ISIP Early Reading and ISIP Advanced Reading assessments are separate products from the Istation Reading curriculum product. The authors of the ISIP assessments are not the authors of the Istation Reading curriculum product.