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    Istation launches Red Cape Classroom series during school closures

    Video series features educator tips for home-based instruction

    DALLAS, March 31, 2020 — In response to school closures caused by COVID-19, Istation, a leading educational technology company, has launched a new video series, "Red Cape Classroom," on the Istation Facebook page. The series, which airs weekdays at 10 a.m. CST, offers brief, insightful and actionable tips for at-home instruction during the transition to remote learning.

    "This is such a time of change for everyone, and we just want to continue to help teachers and parents as best as we can," said Istation professional development lead Sarah Cude. "We hope we can bring some levity and helpful tips to families everywhere navigating the learning process at home."

    The series of videos is geared toward parents with elementary school-aged children at home. The two- to five-minute segments are led by Istation professional development experts who are former educators and parents themselves.

    Offering customized guidance and insight to proven educational approaches, Istation's experts usually travel around the country helping teachers in person. Now, grounded from travel, they are doing everything they can to help from afar to help parents understand and navigate technology as more schools incorporate e-learning.

    "Grace for yourself and your children is key in this difficult time," said Casey Henry, a customer support lead, during one of the online episodes. "It's OK if everything isn't going according to plan. We have to change our expectations on what this is going to look like. We have to be adaptable."

    Recent segments included:

    Forthcoming segments will address how to set up a visual schedule, the science of how children learn, what parents can do to boost student motivation and much more.

    "During these challenging times, our organization stands ready to serve," Istation Chief Operating Officer and President Ossa Fisher said. "Our mission is to support educators, empower students and change lives. That mission rings truer today than ever before."

    Previous and upcoming videos in the series can be found at facebook.com/istationed.