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    Istation Meets Kansas Dyslexia Screen Requirements

    Kansas State Department of Education agrees Istation's early reading assessment can screen for the risk of dyslexia

    DALLAS, May 21, 2020 — Istation, a leader in educational technology, has met the requirements from the state of Kansas to assess and identify dyslexia and other learning difficulties for early-screening purposes using Istation's Indicators of Progress Early Reading (ISIP™ ER).

    Istation's Indicators of Progress Early Reading assessment (ISIP ER) was developed in part with Joseph Torgesen, PhD, Professor Emeritus of the Florida Center for Reading Research at Florida State University. Torgesen is a key figure in the study of both dyslexia and computer-assisted instruction. He helped create Istation's assessment tool based on research that shows a key indicator of dyslexia is difficulty in developing phonemic awareness and alphabetic knowledge of skills, including matching sounds with letters. Students at risk also have problems with spelling and reading comprehension.

    "ISIP ER provides reliable, continuous assessments and is credited with being an important aid to help identify students at risk of dyslexia early in their academic careers," Istation Chief Operating Officer Ossa Fisher said. "We are honored to be able to serve the students of Kansas."

    Istation's assessments comply with Kansas' requirements for dyslexia screening, which include measuring fluency in the following domains: letter naming, letter word sound, phoneme segmentation, nonsense words and oral reading. Istation also measures encoding or spelling, and reading comprehension.

    The ISIP objectives are divided into eight animated subtests that address components crucial to long-term success in reading. The assessment provides students interactive tasks that have been shown to correlate highly with measures of comprehension. Teachers can apply the timely and specific ISIP error analysis data to create prescriptive and targeted student interventions and help guide further instruction based on individual needs.

    Kansas school districts that purchase and use Istation's computer-adaptive assessments will receive thorough training and ongoing support from an expert literacy team experienced in addressing the needs of both teachers and students.

    Through Istation's in-person and online workshops, webinars, learning modules, and technical assistance, educators learn how to best utilize Istation's reports to provide appropriate interventions. Students benefit from ongoing evaluation of their skills with Istation's online diagnostic assessment, which is used in identifying learning disabilities while analyzing a wide metric of reading levels and literacy. Early detection of dyslexia is key to maintaining progress on the path to academic achievement.

    Istation's individualized assessments can audit the status of an entire classroom in approximately 30 minutes. The time saved allows instructors to address students who need extra attention in order to meet grade-level reading expectations. Istation has a proven track record of identifying students' under-the-radar issues that may have otherwise gone undetected.