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    Istation launches new video series to combat students' learning loss from 'COVID-19 Slide'

    DALLAS, June 30, 2020 — Istation, in partnership with Tackle Tomorrow, is launching Istation Reads, an online reading series created to combat children's learning regression that happens when students spend months away from school and regular reading practice.

    The impact of the "summer slide," which describes children's learning loss over summer break, has always been a concern for parents and teachers. Now that students are experiencing an extended pause in classroom learning due to school closures, parents and teachers are anticipating a more significant achievement gap, aka the "COVID-19 slide."

    To decrease the impact of the "COVID-19 slide," Istation invites students to participate in its new online reading series. Beginning July 1, celebrities will read short stories aloud on camera, accompanied by comprehension questions and discussion to ensure students will learn and apply reading skills and strategies to comprehend the text.

    Children will have the opportunity to learn and listen from the following celebrities and more directly on Istation's YouTube channel:

    • Charles Haley – Pro Football Hall of Famer, first player to win five Super Bowls
    • Eddie Bernice Johnson – congresswoman representing the 30th District of Texas
    • Jake Hoot – season 17 champion of The Voice
    • Nancy Lieberman – Basketball Hall of Famer, two-time Olympics silver medalist

    After Charles Haley's impressive career in the NFL, he co-founded Tackle Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization and Istation partner that helps provide Istation's educational software to low-income areas.

    "Growing up, education was never pushed on me, and I still lack in reading and writing," says Haley. "I understand what it's like to struggle in school, and I've made it my life's mission to provide children with the tools they need to find their love of learning. It brings me great joy to partner with Istation to provide children with reading resources they need this summer to be their best selves when school starts back."

    Istation Reads videos will be published on Istation's YouTube channel, YouTube.com/IstationEd, each weekday at 3 p.m. CT. Printable resources, including short stories, books and comprehension questions, will also be available. Because this initiative focuses on comprehension, the guest speakers will read the books aloud, and children of all reading levels are encouraged to participate.

    "By taking what we know about the detrimental effects of summer slide on a child's reading ability, we understand the implications the COVID-19 school closures will have on students," says Lori K. Lynch, the senior vice president of customer success at Istation. "We want parents to know they have immense power when it comes to making sure their child's reading ability stays strong. And Istation Reads is an easy way for students to practice their reading skills while away from school."