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    Use of Early Reading (ISIP ER) and Advanced Reading (ISIP AR) Istation technology shows student reading improvement in comparison to non-Istation users

    DALLAS, May 18, 2021 — In partnership with the Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE) at Johns Hopkins University, Istation, a leader in educational technology, investigated the implementation and impacts on student achievement of its Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) Early Reading (ER) and Advanced Reading (AR) in a South Carolina school district. The research findings revealed that Istation’s reading technology is associated with significant reading progress gains. While students using ISIP AR experienced moderate gains, students utilizing ISIP ER experienced even greater reading growth gains and strong correlations to SC-READY ELA scores.

    Overall, Istation students averaged nearly a full point higher MAP reading growth from spring 2017 to spring 2019 than did comparison students. The new quantitative research report used NWEA MAP data from spring 2017 and spring 2019 scores. As Istation was used in all district elementary schools, a Similar Schools Report was obtained from NWEA that included MAP reading data that matched district students.

    Through virtual comparison of students who used ISIP ER and ISIP AR and those who did not, results give evidence that Istation use was significantly associated with larger reading achievement gains. The difference was even more significant in ISIP ER users, who averaged more than a 2.5-point MAP reading gain.

    The data for ISIP Early Reading meets What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) standards with reservation and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Tier 2 standards by meeting baseline equivalence criterion, using the spring 2017 MAP reading assessment and a sample greater than 350 students.

    “Istation always strives to provide research-based science and innovation for educators and learners across the country to improve learning outcomes,” said Istation President and COO Ossa Fisher. “We are proud to continue to help students reach their full potential.”

    This study further supports the efficacy of ISIP Early Reading and Advanced Reading, as the research indicates that Istation usage is related to larger reading achievement gains, in relation to non-Istation users.