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    Data report from the new educator experience.

    Designed to make teachers' lives easier through powerful data insights pushed to their fingertips

    DALLAS, March 28, 2022 -- Istation, a leader in educational technology, is reimagining education with the launch of the new educator hub. Developed alongside educators, the innovative platform offers a sleek new look with improved data reporting. Istation's new educator experience empowers teachers and administrators with advanced filtering, sorting, and customization of student data and a clear path to relevant teaching resources so educators can quickly determine what's next for their students to achieve meaningful growth.

    Istation gathered feedback from educators across the nation, and the most common need was more time. Istation's new educator experience offers a novel way for educators and administrators to navigate data and access the most important information.

    The new weekly recommendations feature is designed to directly push information upon logging in and will turn data insights into actionable next steps tailored specifically to your role. Educators at the district, campus, and classroom levels will now have access to personalized data dashboards to meet the needs of all learners.

    Teachers, principals and district administrators all have access to tailored dashboards for their specific classes, schools, or entire districts, respectively.  Educators will spend less time searching through reports because the most relevant information is delivered front and center.

    "The future of education is here, and we are very excited to launch the new educator experience platform to meet the evolving needs of teachers and administrators," said Istation President and Chief Operating Officer Ossa Fisher. "The educator experience platform is built on top of years of comprehensive research, mounds of insightful feedback from our customers, and world-class design principles."

    Istation's educator experience  serves as a world-class recommendation engine by transforming student data into actionable next steps for educators at all levels.