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    Measure Student Fluency Skills and Save Teachers Time

    Ensure students are on track to master oral reading skills with Istation’s ISIP Oral Reading Fluency (ORF).

    Developed for grades K-5, this innovative assessment saves teachers hours of time with its digital voice recognition technology and automated scoring features.

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    Why Fluency Skills Matter

    In today’s rapidly changing education landscape, school leaders are leveraging technology and data to support student reading growth. 

    With Istation ORF, schools can easily measure how quickly and accurately students can read out loud. This is a direct indicator of student reading comprehension levels making this skill key to growing reading success. 


    How ISIP ORF Works

    ISIP ORF, developed in partnership with Boulder Learning, Inc., leverages state-of-the-art innovations in voice recognition and digital recording technology specifically designed for young readers.

    Inside Istation, students record themselves reading grade-leveled passages, which then pass through carefully calibrated acoustic models in order to produce auto-scores. 


    Determine Next Steps

    With ISIP ORF, teachers can screen students to determine who is at risk of falling behind and make data-driven decisions with reliable reporting.

    Teachers can then use this data to monitor progress all year long to ensure interventions are working. 

    Oral Reading Fluency Screening Made Easy

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    Save Teachers Time

    Voice recognition technology and automatic scoring save valuable teacher time.
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    Use Reliable Data

    Valid, reliable, and actionable data help educators keep students on track.
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    Keep Students Engaged

    Offer a fun, easy-to-use digital assessment to keep students engaged. 

    Leverage Istation's ISIP Oral Reading Guide

    Get a glimpse inside Istation's oral reading fluency assessment.



    Use Oral Fluency to Measure Learning Loss

    Discover the connection between oral reading fluency and learning loss.