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    Get Quantile® Certified

    The 10-hour MetaMetrics Quantile course is designed to support educators in planning and executing effective instruction using student data and evidence-based research.

    Advance your math career with a MetaMetric® Quantile Certification.


    Course Details

    MetaMetrics Certifications are designed for K-12 educators wanting to enhance student math achievement.

    • Time: 10 hours, self-paced
    • Location: Online, asynchronous
    • Price: $99

    This course aligns with ESSER funding.


    Course Overview

    In this course, educators will learn how to use data to accelerate student growth. Course overview:

    • Learn how to deliver data-driven instruction using Quantile® Measures
    • Leverage Quantile® Hub to complete performance tasks aligned with real-life scenarios
    • Collaborate with a community of educators to create classroom support
    • Develop strategies to communicate effectively with parents and peers

    Course Modules

    The course is divided into four distinct modules.

    Module 1: Understanding the Framework for Math: Learn the framework foundation and how to use the Quantile  Hub.

    Module 2: Using Quantile Measures and Tools in the Classroom: Understand how to use Quantile Measures to create instructional groups and enhance instruction. 

    Module 3: Unlocking the Quantile Growth Planner and Career Database: How to use the growth planner to estimate a student's growth path and how to measure entry-level math career demands. 

    Module 4: Extensions, Advanced Classroom Applications and Communication: Strategies on how to communicate course knowledge with parents and peers. 

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