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    Get The Most Out of Evidenced-Based Blended Learning

    Research shows that Istation helps students grow with diverse instructional approaches that include flexible lesson plans and supportive tools, computer-adaptive assessments and game-like instruction. Empower students and teachers in their classrooms and beyond with seven essential characteristics found in Istation’s reading, math, and Spanish programs.

    Istation's Super Seven Essentials

    Istation Essential #1: Formative Assessment

    Powerful computer-adaptive assessments for reading, math and Spanish literacy support every step of the data cycle from identifying students’ skill needs to monitoring progress and beyond. The immediate feedback is timely, specific, and constructive.

    Istation’s formative assessment diagnostic tools

    • screen for quick, accurate information in 30 minutes or less;
    • provide accurate student data to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses in key skill areas; and
    • track progress and growth with frequent and on-demand assessments.

    Istation Essential #2: Adaptive Curriculum

    Istation’s interactive curriculum provides purposeful instruction to students when they need it, from critical intervention to enrichment.

    • Intentional, explicit, and direct instruction offers differentiation and supports students as they move through increasingly complex material.
    • Game-like activities keep students engaged and motivated as they progress.
    • Responsive curriculum routes students through reteaching when necessary.

    Istation Essential #3: Personalized Data Profiles

    Student data profiles offer real-time, highly personalized results to show growth and offer skill practice support where needed.

    Accessible online reports allow for maximum support and accountability among all learning stakeholders:

    • Administrators can summarize campus assessment results and even see skill growth by tier with Executive Reports.
    • Teachers can easily identify student needs, guide instructional decisions, and quickly gather lessons and materials with Priority and Classroom Summary Reports.
    • Students can track both their usage and their progress in specific skills with the Student Summary and Usage Trend Report.

    Istation Essential #4:Teacher Resources

    Istation’s rich collection of time-saving teacher resources means teachers can spend more time teaching and less time planning lessons. Teachers have access to thousands of fully-scripted, teacher-directed lessons, interactive instructional tools, and flexible RTI/MTSS tools.

    Educators can

    • customize instruction to support both small- and whole-group learning;
    • use behind-the-login tips and tools for analyzing student and classroom data;
    • assign homework and independent classwork and track their completion; and
    • choose books for students based on the Lexile® Find a Book feature, which offers leveled supplemental reading materials.

    Istation Essential #5: Impact Beyond the Classroom

    Istation’s at-home connection gives families and guardians 24-7 access to supplemental learning resources so they can provide support outside of the traditional school setting.

    • Online Access – Istation offers online access outside of schools to support students’ learning on their individual paths.
    • Interactive Practice – Digital books, lessons, and activities give students choices when working outside of the classroom.
    • The Parent Portal – Families and guardians have access to their child’s assessment results as well as digital resources for parent-led activities.

    Istation Essential #6: Professional Development–

    Istation provides multi-level guidance and support in order to facilitate adoption, boost implementation, and optimize usage by

    • uncovering growth opportunities and using best practices to support both educator and student goals;
    • differentiating support that meets teachers where they are; and
    • providing specially created, hands-on workshops to introduce approaches proven to help schools succeed.

    Istation Essential #7: Proven Results

    Research shows that students who use Istation make greater gains beyond the classroom than those who do not.

    • Award-winning e-learning program serves over 4.4 million students in 48 states and several countries around the world.
    • Research-based curriculum and assessments are backed by dozens of studies highlighting the effectiveness of Istation.
    • Correlations to individualized state standards and Common Core complement any program
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