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    anywhere — in the classroom, at home,
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  • Uncover the Exciting World of
    Istation Math!
    Help Secret Equation Man Save the World
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  • Automated & Individualized Assessments
    Istation not only provides a computer-adaptive assessment
    of individual and classroom capability, it does so in just
    30 minutes – and makes the scores immediately available.
  • Engaging Animation & Storytelling
    Animation draws students into precisely scaffolded
    instruction that uses game-like interactions.
    Core concepts are mastered, and students are
    promoted to higher levels.
  • More Than Just Numbers
    Istation reports are data driven. They provide immediate
    feedback to teachers, including graphic representations
    and effective analyses of each student.
  • Powerful Teacher Tools
    Only Istation provides educators with 24/7 access to
    hundreds of varied and flexible teacher resources,
    including more than 1,900 fully scripted,
    teacher-directed lessons.

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Istation's fully integrated reading intervention program is unlike any other on the market. Istation Animation Brings Learning to Life!

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Award Winning

Award Winning
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  • eSchool News Readers' Choice Award Winner
  • Winner of the 20th Annual 2014 BESSIE Awards, Best Educational Software Award
  • Winner of the EDDIE Award
  • Approved Assessment on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Commissioner's List
  • Endorsed by CASE, the Council of Administrators of Special Education
  • Approved Intervention for Florida Textbook Adoption
  • Reviewed with No Deficiencies by the Florida Center for Reading Research
  • Highly rated as progress monitoring tool by the National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRTI)