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    AI Elevated Learning: Amira Learning and Istation Join Forces!

    Who We Are

    For more than 25 years, educators have turned to Istation as a solution for online assessment, personalized learning, and instruction.

    With Istation, schools get a time-saving program that powers pre-K through 8th grade student achievement in reading, math, and Spanish literacy.


    Backed By Research & Efficacy

    Educating our future is a responsibility we take seriously. That’s why Istation solutions are rooted in research.

    We know when schools use Istation according to recommendations, students achieve more.

    Designed to engage students in the classroom and at home, Istation’s innovative platform drives instructional efficacy and elevates learning to superhero heights!

    Unlock the Istation Experience

    Screen Magnify - 100x200 Navy

    Formative Assessments for Universal Screening

    Give teachers a window into student potential with Istation.

    Easy-to-administer screeners help teachers measure student readiness in critical skills and see where they need instructional support.

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    Progress Monitoring Keeps Students on Track

    Watch growth unfold week by week, month by month, and year to year!

    With Istation, teachers can gauge learning and adapt teaching instantly to be more impactful.

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    Use Data to Guide Decisions

    Give educators a powerful reporting platform to plan, problem-solve, and increase achievement.

    Get clear analyses, instructional reports, recommendations, and more.


    Personalize Student's Learning Experience 

    Effortlessly transition from assessment to instruction with Istation! Students complete an assessment and are seamlessly placed on a customized learning path.

    Empower students to own their learning through engaging, game-like experiences. Instruction is standards-aligned, supplemental curriculum designed to strengthen skills. 


    Time-Saving Tools to Elevate Teacher Expertise 

    Give your teachers a time-saving tool so they can focus on students’ best interests instead of spending time digging for classroom materials.

    With Istation, teachers get access to a searchable online library of resources with thousands of standards-based materials to guide one-on-one, small-group, and whole-group instruction.

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    One-On-One Instruction

    Students Clock - 100x200 Navy

    Small-Group Instruction

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    Whole-Group Instruction


    Let's Solve the Complexity of Teaching Together

    When you choose Istation, you get more than just a product, you get a partnership with a support team who will ensure a smooth, worry-free implementation.

    Get professional learning that aligns with your goals. 

    Support educators, empower students, and change lives with Istation.

    Istation is Trusted by

    Districts & Schools of All Sizes

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