Welcome to the Istation Item Response Theory (IRT) information page. Here you will find helpful information about upcoming IRT studies, documents for those you have signed up for, FAQs, and a link to sign up.

Istation is currently conducting an IRT study for two new assessments: Algebra Readiness and Algebra 1. Schools are invited to participate in this important study to help make our products more accessible to your students and students around the nation. Below is more information on each assessment.

Algebra Readiness IRT

The Algebra Readiness IRT will include items in three areas that are predictive of future algebra success: quantity discrimination, proportional reasoning, and number properties.

Who may participate?

Students in grades 6-8 may participate if they are not enrolled in Algebra 1.

Algebra 1 IRT

The Algebra 1 IRT will identify students’ risk status for meeting the expectations in Algebra 1.

Who may participate?

Students in grades 8 and 9 may participate if they are currently enrolled in Algebra 1.