Visual representation of Istation being used in the classroom.

Here you will find a wealth of resources to answer any questions you might have.

If you have purchased an Istation product and are ready to install, you are in the right place!

  1. Before downloading the Istation application, please make sure your system meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements by reviewing the technical specifications below for your platform.
  2. Click on the appropriate download option for your platform.
  3. After the application installs on your computer or device, you may be prompted to enter the domain for your school. The domain is assigned by Istation, and it configures the application specifically for your campus.

Additional technical information is listed below as well as Istation integration support with roster sync and Single Sign-On (SSO).

For further assistance,
contact our support team:
Phone: 1-866-883-READ

What platform are you on?


Technical Specifications

Supported Operating Systems: iOS 8.0 or later
Processor: Compatible with iPad
Hard Disk: 3 GB free space
Internet Connection: 1.5 Mbps or greater

Installation for iPad (389KB)


Technical Specifications

Supported Operating Systems: Android 4.4 or later
Processor: ARM or X86 CPU
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Storage: 3 GB free space
Internet Connection: 1.5 Mbps or greater
Screen Size: 8” or bigger screen recommended
Resolution: 1024x768 minimum

Installation for Android (239KB)

Android App on Chrome Devices: Installation and Management (800KB)


Technical Specifications

Supported Operating Systems: Chrome OS
Processor: ARM or X86 64 bit CPU
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Storage: 3 GB free space
Internet Connection: 1.5 Mbps or greater

Chrome Requirements: Istation requires Chrome version 39+ on ARM and Intel 64-bit CPUs. Review our Chromebook Technical Considerations for more information. The Istation Chrome application is only supported on Chrome OS.

Touch-Screen Chromebooks: If you are using a touch-screen Chromebook device, download the Android version of Istation instead of the Chromebook version.

Extension of Support: Istation will support the current version of our Chromebook app through the 2020-2021 school year. A new browser-native application will be made available before that support ends. In addition, we also support the Android app through the Google Play store.

Stay informed: Chrome OS Auto Update policy

Installation for Chrome Devices (232KB)

Android App on Chrome Devices: Installation and Management (800KB)


Technical Specifications

Supported Operating Systems: 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
Processor: 1.3 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 3 GB free space
Graphic Display: 1024x768 minimum
Sound Card: with headphones
Internet Connection: 1.5 Mbps or greater

Installation for Windows (607KB)

Installation for Windows - Español (665KB)


Technical Specifications

Supported Operating Systems: OS X 10.8-10.11, macOS 10.12-10.15
Processor: 1.3 GHz Intel
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk: 3 GB free space
Graphic Display: 1024x768 minimum
Sound Card: with headphones
Internet Connection: 1.5 Mbps or greater

Installation for Mac (566KB)

Installation for Mac - Español (566KB)

Additional Technical Information

Network Administrators

Istation employs a proprietary communication protocol designed to minimize bandwidth usage when simultaneously run by multiple students in a school. Internal firewalls and/or content filters must be configured to allow outbound access to our servers:

  • IP address range: - ( - (,
  • TCP ports 12500 - 12509
Deprecation Update
Operating System Support Removed
iOS 6 July 2017
Chrome on non-Chrome OS July 2017
Windows XP June 2018
Windows Vista June 2018
Mac OS X 10.6 June 2018
Mac OS X 10.7 June 2018
iOS 7 June 2018

Deprecated Operating Systems

Istation is committed to providing the best possible support for our products.

We find it necessary to periodically deprecate specific operating systems to continue delivering optimal support to our users. These changes are made based on trends in technology and the market.

Thin Client

Several school districts are running Istation in a thin-client environment. Our support team will work with you to find the best configuration for using Istation on your thin clients. NComputing supports Istation using specialized installation instructions. Please contact Istation Support if you have questions about compatibility.

Installation Information

To install Istation, you must be logged in with administrator permissions. A simple installation is performed from our downloads. There are no CD-ROMs to install or school-based servers to maintain. Administration for schools is virtually nonexistent. After installation, we can support any number of students simultaneously in Istation, generally using the same amount of bandwidth as a single web surfer. In the event that the school's internet connection is lost, Istation will continue to function normally and will synchronize with our servers when the internet connection is restored. Since Istation is delivered through the internet, we transparently provide enhancements without a service call and at no additional cost.

ISIP™ Oral Reading Fluency Technical Needs:

Supported Platforms - ISIP Oral Reading Fluency is supported on the following Operating System and Browser combinations

Operating SystemBrowser
Windows 7+Chrome 67+ or Microsoft Edge 41+
Chrome OS 69.0.3497.95+Chrome
Mac OS X 10.11.6+Chrome 67+ or Safari 11.1.2+
iOS 11.4.1+Safari

Note: ISIP Oral Reading Fluency does not support Mozilla's Firefox browser.

Headset: A headset that contains a noise-canceling microphone is recommended to take the Oral Reading Fluency assessment. However, any external or built in microphone can be used.

Istation has had success using the Logitech Stereo Headset H110 if you have a separate headphone and microphone ports or H111 if you have a single mic/headphone port. You can find these headsets for sale at many online retailers. You may discover other mic enabled headsets work as well.

E-mail Access

If your district uses an e-mail filtering software or program, please add the domain to your white list to allow inbound access via e-mail. This is our main method of communication with campus teachers and administrators.

Local Firewall Information

When a software firewall is active on a computer, the firewall must be configured to allow Istation to accept connections from the local network. On Windows, this configuration occurs automatically during installation. For information specific to your OS, please review the detailed installation instructions for Windows (607KB) or for Mac (566KB). Additional information may also be obtained by calling Istation support at 866-883-7323 or 972-643-3440 (option 2).

Firewall Configuration Test

Test your firewall configuration now using the Firewall Configuration Test utility.

Web-Based ISIP™

ISIP Web for desktops is supported on most modern web browsers, specifically Microsoft Edge, Firefox 54+ (most recent version preferred), Chrome 51+ (most recent version preferred), and Safari 10+ for Mac (Safari on Windows not supported). Internet Explorer is NO LONGER supported.

ISIP Web for the iPad requires an iPad (4th generation or later) running iOS 10 or later with Safari mobile. Other mobile browsers for iPad are not supported at this time.

ISIP Web for Android devices requires Android version 6 or greater with Chrome. Other mobile browsers for Android are not supported at this time. Minimum supported screen size for Android devices is 8 inches, and landscape orientation is strongly preferred.

ISIP Web for Chromebook requires Chrome 51+ (most recent version preferred).

Istation supports the following integrations:

Roster Sync

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Report Data Extract

  • CSV download of Istation student result data
  • Automated extract through RESTful API