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    The Challenge

    Jefferson Elementary School in Jefferson, Georgia, needed a tool that would screen students’ in reading proficiency. Principal Chrissy Joiner also needed a way to provide her teachers with actionable data to inform their instruction.

    Recently the state passed the Georgia Early Literacy Act (House Bill 538) which focuses on improving early reading instruction and requires screening early readers three times a year.

    With this in mind, Joiner turned to Istation to help boost reading scores across grade levels as well as meet the state’s requirements for screening readers.


    The Solution

    Joiner and her teachers used Istation’s assessment data to dig into individual reading skills and see exactly where students in each grade level were struggling. With baseline data from Istation's reports, teachers maximized their instructional time as well as used intervention lessons in their one-to-one and small-group instruction. 

    The popular Priority Report played a large role in helping teachers bring up reading scores.

    "The Priority Report pinpoints exactly who is struggling and is very specific on what's needed," said Joiner. "It gives them a number of interventions and tools to use when working with struggling readers."


    "Our interventionists speak so highly of the teacher lessons available to them. The Priority Report pinpoints exactly who is struggling and is very specific on what’s needed. It gives them a number of interventions and tools to use when working with struggling students."

    — Chrissy Joiner, Principal at Jefferson Elementary

    The Outcome

    One of the strongest areas in which Jefferson Elementary saw growth was in first grader classrooms. When teachers drilled down into the specific skill areas that students were struggling with, they saw that 32% of students needed the most help in phonemic awareness at the beginning of the school year. According to the data this was greatest area of need for first graders. 

    Istation’s data provided a way for Jefferson’s teachers to focus their classroom instruction and get students reading at grade level by focusing on one skill area at a time to make the most impact on overall reading results. This process proved very successful across multiple grade levels in multiple areas of reading growth.

    1st Grade Phonemic Awareness


    [Pictured above] First graders at Jefferson Elementary showed significant growth in reading ability from August 2022 through May 2023.

    To hear more about Jefferson Elementary School’s amazing results and get strategies you can use in your school, watch our webinar “A Principal’s Playbook for Continuous Literacy Growth” led by Chrissy Joiner.


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