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    Istation's Comprehensive Approach is Built for Educators

    Get the actionable data and insight schools need to predict student success, prescribe interventions, and promote blended learning!

    Working together, Istation's formative assessments, student data, instructional resources, and dynamic support help schools measure growth and share easy-to-understand feedback that is timely, specific, and constructive.

    Istation also includes ISIP Oral Reading Fluency assessment, which provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate their reading accuracy through the oral reading of text and the collection of a running record. Plus, Istation's School-to-Home Connection provides home access to reading practice, interactive books, and educational resources.

    Focusing on research-based skills proven to predict student success, Istation helps identify whether or not students are on target to meet end-of-year-grade-level expectations.

    Besides pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, schools can implement innovative approaches with data that can be actionable and insightful as well as predictive.

    Istation prescribes explicit and direct lessons based on assessment results and progress monitoring, giving students targeted intervention and blended learning support that identifies their specific needs and adjusts to each student's abilities.

    Istation's blended-learning approach mixes teaching and technology to differentiate instruction. Providing data to support instructional decision-making for teachers and engaging lessons for students, Istation's web-based educational technology helps schools implement:

    • Intervention strategies
    • Blended learning initiatives
    • Formative assessments
    • Dual-language programs

    2021-22 Early Literacy Assessment Tool (ELAT) Benchmark Windows

    Districts must choose a two-week assessment window within the benchmark months to administer the benchmark assessment.

    • BOY Benchmark – Administer the beginning of year assessment to grades 1-3 within the first 30 days of the school year and to kindergarten within the first 60 days of the school year. (While choosing your two-week benchmark window, make sure that all students are tested in the same month.)
    • MOY Benchmark – January
    • EOY Benchmark – May

    Kindergarten consideration: Through a provision in HB15-1323, you may choose to use up to 60 calendar days for initial benchmarking. However, we encourage districts to continue with best practices by benchmarking and providing support early in the year, specifically within the first 30 days. Completion of your BOY assessment (per the READ Act) within the 60 calendar days will inform the literacy component of your readiness assessment.

    Visit the Colorado Department of Education website to learn more about CDE's Early Literacy Assessment Tool Project and the application process.


    CDE and Istation: Data Analysis and Creating Small Groups (52:45)

    In this video, educators will learn how Istation can be instrumental in their instructional day as they tackle unfinished learning, accelerating learning, and setting goals for students. The accompanying document will assist them as they create small groups based on the data.


    Check out the Istation User's Guide (login required) for frequently asked questions.

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    System Requirements

    Visit our Services and Support web page to view system requirements and installation information.

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